World Oceans Day Show: Professor and Researcher Dr. Kristin Walker on Compassionate Conservation, and the Human Disruptions and Impacts on Sea Lions

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In this show, we speak on the Black Lives Matter movement, including details on Louis Hunter of Trio Plant-Based in taking compassionate action for the community as an individual and as the business owner of the first Black-owned vegan restaurant in Minnesota. We also have a feature interview with Dr. Kristen Walker, a UBC professor and researcher, on conservation and the human disruptions and impacts on sea lions.

Louis Hunter, Owner of the First and Only Black-Owned Vegan Restaurant Trio Plant-Based in Minnesota, Speaks on His Experience in the Front Lines of and Supporting Black Lives Matters

Louis Hunter, the founder of Trio Plant-Based Foods, the first Black-owned and plant-based restaurant in Minnesota since 2018.

Louis Hunter is compassionate vegan who looked to support vegan lifestyles in his community, and later opened up Trio Plant-Based which became the first Black-owned and plant-based restaurant in Minnesota since 2018. He creates comforting soul-food inspired dishes from the fan-favourite Mac Attack to their classic Soul Food Platter, dedicated to serving delicious meals to everyone who stops by. He has handed out 300 free vegan soul bowls and provided hand sanitizer in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to protesters in Minneapolis marching for justice for George Floyd, a Black man who was killed by four ex-police officers on May 25th. Louis continued to hand out provisions and also offered refuge for those who needed it including journalists.

Support Louis Hunter in his efforts to keep Trio Plant-Based alive and thriving in the community so that it can continue to be a safe space and Louis can keep on fighting for justice.

Louis’s compassion continues to drive him in his personal life and his business, Trio Plant-based. Trio Plant-Based was founded on principles tied to the Black Lives Matters movement. It was opened up with the intention of serving as a community space providing plant-based food and operated mostly by people of colour, all of whom are paid a fair wage and not excluded from employment based on criminal history. Trio Plant-Based has always held an anti-racist position as part of the community and continues to stand as a place of safety during the Black Lives Matter protests after the death of George Floyd.

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UBC Professor and Researcher Dr. Kristen Walker on Compassionate Conservation and the Human disruptions and Impacts on Sea Lions

Dr. Kristen Walker, UBC professor and researcher with a background in animal welfare and wildlife biology.

Dr. Walker grew up with a fascination for wildlife, and during her undergraduate studies, she found that veterinary school was no the only way to pursue her passion of working closely with animals. As an undergraduate student, she began volunteering with an endangered species recovery program with giant pandas, leading her to study animal behaviour even more comprehensively. Dr. Walker gained a strong desire to give wild animals greater humane treatment after seeing natural behaviours of pandas in person.

Her Masters in Biology involved working on sea otter ecology and behaviour through Portland State University and she later joined the Animal Welfare program at the University of British Columbia to complete her PhD. At the University of British Columbia, she assessed and helped mitigate the pain responses of sea lions from highly invasive marking procedures including hot-iron branding and abdominal surgery. Dr. Walker is currently working closely with Stanley Park Ecology Society’s Co-Existing with Coyotes program. The research there is aimed at identifying potential humane deterrents systems for urban coyotes to accomodate for a greater coexistence of humans and coyotes in Vancouver.

We speak with Dr. Walker on wildlife and captive animal care from compassionate conservation to the reality of traditional conservation practices.

Show produced by Grace Wampold, with web content written by Asami Hitohara, and co-hosted by Elyse Jacobson and Leah Thompson