2005 – 2009

June 05 2009

Anthony Marr interviews Dr Elliot Katz founder and president of In Defense of Animals IDA has been involved in many international issues such as closing chimpanzee experimental centers in Cameroon and dolphin liberation in Japan

May 1 2009

Karl Losken — “There would be no swine flu epidemic without pig farms.”

Helen Hamzavi Zarghani speaks about how she became involved in animal issues. Ben West the healthy communities co-ordinator for the Wilderness Committee explains issues regarding their “Vote Wild” report presented as a prelude to the upcoming BC Provincial elections.

April 17 2009

Joanne Chang spokesperson for Humane Society International Canada informs about their campaigns, in particular what people can do re the Grizzly bear hunt taking place right now in the Great Bear Rainforest

Marine biologist Alexandra Morton author of “Listening to Whales : What the Orcas have Taught Us” informs what can be done to prevent ocean wildlife destruction and the expansion of salmon aquaculture. Karl Losken interviews

April 10 2009

Twyla Francois head of investigations for Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) gives details about the breakdown of animal protection in the transportation and slaughter of meat poultry in Canada.

Co-hosts Karl Losken and Marge Adams discuss the impact of open netcage fish farming on wild salmon stocks in British Columbia.

March 27 2009

Stacey Berisavac, the community co-ordinator for the Canadian Cancer Soc. for the greater Vancouver region informs about the use of cosmetic pesticides and pesticides in agriculure. Karl Losken Interviews

Oonagh O’Connor the energy and campaign manager for the Living Oceans Society based in Sointula BC discusses marine and conservation issues with Karl.

March 20 2009

Bruce Passmore director outreach for the Humane Society International Canada informs about the grizzly bear hunt in the Great Bear Rainforest and urges BC Premier Campbell to stop the trophy hunt. Karl losken interviews.

Peter Fricker spokes-person for the Vancouver Humane Society comments about the ban on the sale of 1256 animal species in British Columbia. Co-Host Marge Adams interviews.
Feb. 27 2009

Inge Hanle discusses the establishment of corporate control of agriculture and the destruction of family farms with Karl Losken

Sandra Wallin brings people together with horses to make people reveal themselves and for purposes of healing. Interviewed by Marge Adams

Feb. 20 2009

Simon Fraser University Professor John Calvert author of “Liquid Gold” in which he blows the whistle on the privatization of energy and rivers in British Columbia. Interviewed by Karl Losken

Dr. Rob Ecclestone MD from Langley BC and Co Host Marge Adams share animal stories.
Feb. 13 2009

Stewart Richardson is the co-producer and host of Latin Waves on CJSF90.1FM (Simon Fraser University Radio.) He informs about media restricting Provincial Bill 42 and also relates his experiences many years ago, when he worked in a Manitoba pig slaughterhouse.

Feb.06 2009

Ms. Libby Davies, MP Vancouver East presents petition on animal experimentation to House of Commons.

Karl Losken interviews Twyla Francois, head of animal investigations for Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals ( Mark Adams 20 year vegan is the in studio guest. Marge Adams presents an animal story

Jan 30 2009

Conrad Schmidt founder of the Workless Party, author of “Workers of the World — Relax” and the founder of the group “Artists for Peace”. discusses environmental and historical issues relating to the present day economic crisis. Interviewed by Karl Losken

Jan 23 09

Don Lynch calls from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and raises issues re frequencies and vibrations and what consuming animals raised in fear and frustration is doing to humans. Interviewed by Karlos.

Peter Fricker spokesperson for the Vancouver Humane Society discusses the residential ban on keeping chickens with Marge Adams.

Jan 16 2009

Allysa Bell Stoneman informs about the BCSPCA Farm Animal Welfare certification program. Interviewed by Marge Adams

National Radio Project “Making Contact” recording of Unnecesary Evil? Animal Experiments and Human Health.

Nov 28 08

Dr. Melanie Joy author of Strategic Action for Animals, a handbook for working for a stronger movement, explains ways to bring about positive change. Interviewed Karl Losken

Anneliese Sorg spokesperson for the Coalition for No Whales in Captivity gives an update about the plight of whales, with special reference to the Narwhales trapped in arctic ice. Marge Adams Interviews

Nov 21 08

Deborah Talbart executive director of the Australian Koala Foundation informs about habits and habitat of Koalas on the East coast of Australia. Karl Losken interviews;

Bob Timmons spokesperson for Toronto based Animal Rights Kollective requests the public to sign up on the petition regarding destruction of shark populations and the sale of shark fin products at numerous drug stores and health outlets. Sharks do get cancer Shark Savers

Allan Jensen informs about the Vancouver Island Marmots a very much endangered species.
Nov 14 08

Marge Adams interviews Leanne McChonachie spokesperson for the Vancouver Humane Society re Proposition 2 approved by California voters regarding factory farming of animals

John Pranger Interviews Dr J.J. Pippin clinical researcher and spokesperson for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine regarding diabetes research and the use of the animal model in reaearch.


Nov 07 08 audio not available; Karl interviews Julie Andreyev who is the Associate Professor Emily Carr University of Art and Design regarding culture and modern relationships with animals

Info re “Art that Barks” art exhibition Nov 13 to Nov 22 at Heaventree Gallery 661 E 15th Ave Vancouver PHONE 604 877 1000


Oct 31 08

Dr Joyce Poole an elephant field biologist and a director of Elephant Voices gives an absorbing account of elephant life and elephants as our partners on earth. Karl Losken interviews.

Erik Hammerum discusses how one person in 1955 in his home country of Denmark was able to create awareness of the conditions of animals in animal laboratories in Denmark The power of one!

Oct 24 08

Jane Lawton, the executive director of the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada informs about the Jane Goodall Institute activites saving chimpanzees in Tanzania, Congo and Uganda. Interviewed by Karl Losken

Suleiman is a worlds events psychic, spiritual receiver and lover of animals and he explores the issue of whether animals have souls.

Oct 17 08

35 minute Howard Lyman interview re the food disparagement laws and Animal Enterprise terrorism Act

Oct 17 08

Howard Lyman author of best selling book “Mad Cowboy” and “No More Bull” presents the issues regarding U.S. Food Disparagement laws, Freedom of Speech, the Patriot Act, Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, and California’s proposition 2 to alleviate the suffering of factory farmed animals. Chocolate milk for energy and calcium — Howard comments.

Oct 10 08

Conrad Schmidt founder of the Work Less political party and author of “Workers of the World –Relax” is the in studio guest. Karl Losken interviews Melissa Tkachyk from the World Society for the Protection of Animals regarding their web page during this Federal election week in Canada. Vote for Animals

Oct 03 08

Co Hosts of Animal Voices Allan Jensen, Marge Adams and Karl Losken discuss current political and election issues.

Sept 26 08

Howard Lyman author of “Mad Cowboy”and “No more Bull” guest speaker at Earthsave Canada’s, Taste of Health, reviews current news events with Karl and Kim

Sept.19 08

Alka Chandna, spokesperson for PETA , informs about animal testing with particular reference to Canadian Universities and research laboratories Interviewed by Karl Losken

Joanne Chang from Liberation BC returns from a recent trip to Taiwan and the Philippines and reports about the PETA activities. Interviewed by Marge Adams

Sept 12 08
Dr. Carol Gigliotti is an associate professor at the Emily Carr University and she she speaks about digital media and cultural studies. Interviewed by Karl Losken

Kim Reid interviews Kirsten Diaz regarding the SPCA Paws for a Cause fundraiser in BC
Sept 05 08

Chris Genovalli executive director of Raincoast Conservation Foundation informs about the grizzly bear and wolf hunt in British Columbia

Jay Dave has created a series of shows called Veggie in Vancouver that are on you tube. Each show is a review of a Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant or eatery and Jay talks to the owners or managers to find a about the place and passion behind the food, also showing how delicious and varied vegan/veggie food can be.

The series of shows are part of – a site created by Jay to serve as an educational guide promoting healthy vegetarian and vegan lifestyles for the benefit and purpose of human health, our planet and environment and for the respect of all life.

Aug 29 08

Karl Losken interviews Dr. Lester Friedlander a veterinarian and former USDA slaughter house and processing plant inspector fired from his job for speaking out. Today, Dr. Friedlander gives an update about the listeria deaths and recall of Maple Leaf meat products

Editor Kim Reid and publisher Jason Kenzie discuss articles featured in the first edition of the monthly, free Metro Pet Gazette

Aug 22 08

Interview with Dr. Wayne Henry past head of the dept. of ethics and philosphy at Capilano college about animal rights

Aug 15 08

Marge Adams interviews Peter Sweeney from the Vancouver Animal Shelter regarding city bylaws

Alex Smith interviews Anthony Marr re animals and the environment :a clip from Radio Eco Shock on Co Op Radio

Aug 08 08

Karl Losken interviews Twyla Francois regarding animal welfare issues, including horse slaughtering in Canada and animal transportation issues

Zoocheck founder Rob Laidlaw speaks about his newly published book “Wild Animals in Captivity” and speaks out about the cormorant cull in Ontario
Aug 01 08

Jerry Cook , is the co founder of the World Orchard Project , former board member of Earthsave International , nutritional lecturer, musician and story teller, interviewed by Karl Losken

Peter Fricker spokesperson for the Vancouver Humane Society speaks out about the Mighty Fraser Rodeo being held in the Abbotsford bible belt. The VHS invokes the compassion of Jesus to extend to the cruel acts at the rodeo. Marge Adams interviews

July 25 08
Marge Adams interviews Bill and Linda Gannon re and regarding the pipeline from the tarsands to Kitimat BC where the supertanker port is being constucted

Karl Losken interviews Barbara Cartwright from the International Fund for Animal Welfare regarding the illegal ivory trade in Africa
July 18 08

Marge Adams interviews Liberty Mulkani, the president of the Vancouver Humane Society regarding humane education

Karl Losken interviews Geoff Urton who is the animal welfare co ordinator for the BC SPCA regarding animal transportation
July 04 08

Marge Adams interviews Peter Fricker from the Vancouver Humane Society regarding the ecological imperative of eating lower on the food chain. Karl Losken interviews Stacey Berasavak, the community action coordinator of the Canadian Cancer Ass. regarding winning over BC municipalities to restrict the cosmetic use of pesticides.

June 27 08

Ethan Smith co author of “Building an Ark 101 solutions to animal suffering” is interviewed by Karl Losken.

Karl interviews Dr. Ruth Heidrich Phd author of “A Race for Life” and “Senior Fitness”, She is an acclaimed vegan athlete and long time breast cancer survivor and she speaks out about dairy products.

June 20 08

Dean Wyatt lives in remote Knight Inlet and presents viable alternatives to the trophy hunting of grizzly bears in B.C.

Joanne Chang from Liberation BC recently returned from the Phillipines and Taiwan. She speaks about animal activism in those countries. Interviewed by Marge Adams June 13 08

Marge Adams interviews Anneliese Sorg from the Coalition for no Whales in Captivity with reference to the baby beluga whale born in the Vancouver aquarium this past week. Karl Losken interviews Conrad Schmidt from the Work Less political regarding the Jevons paradox which is explained in the newly released documentary

June 06 08 Marge Adams interviews Sarah Dubois from the BCSPCA about “exotic animals as pets” Then Debra Probert, execitive director of the Vancouver Humane Society was interviewed re recent animal welfare sucesses. KFC

May 30 08

Ashley Burns the Campaign co-ordinator for PETA informs about horse racing and the Kentucky Derby disaster which led to the racehorse Eight Bells being put down shortly after the race

Linda An From Unbridling Human Potential discusses learning life and leadership skills by way of the horse with co host Karl Losken

May 23 08

Howard Lyman is a fourth generation cattle rancher from Montana and gives an agriculture news update covering soil depletion, the advent of bio fuels, mad cow , vcjd and the impact of peak oil on the agricultural and factory faming of animals. Interview with Karl Losken

May 16 08

Peta executive director Ingrid Newkirk presents “Non violence includes the Animals” available at

May 09 08
Program not available. Karl Losken interviews Alfredo Quarto executive director of the Mangrove Action Project re preservation of mangrove forests and shrimp farming. Peta founder Ingrid Newkirk speaks about veganism

May 02 08
Allan Jensen informs about how birds migrate. Karl interviews Terry Slack, naturalist and historian about the decline in the quality of water in the Fraser River and Georgia Straight and the need to upgrade Iona Island sewage plant. Peta president and founder Ingrid Newkirk presents “Non Violence includes the Animals”

April 25 08
Marge interviews animal activist Anthony Marr founder of HOPE (Heal Our Planet Earth) with special reference to the impact of global warming on the animals. In the second half of program Joanne Chang from Liberation BC informs about the foie gras campaign. Foie Gras is produced by force feeding ducks so as to enlarge their livers, which is served in some Vancouver restaurants

April 18 08
Karl interviews Christianne Wilhelmson who is the clean air and water program coordinator for the Georgia Strait Alliance
Maddelena Bearzi is the president of and co founder of Ocean Conservation Society and author of “Beautiful Minds” exploring the parallel lives of the great apes and Dolphins
April 11 08
“Arts Rational” programmer Steve Rosenberg facilitates the program “Exploring the Gay Animal Kingdom” and “Gender Benders” which are chemicals that act like estrogens and disrupt endocrine systems.

March 28 08 1. Brock Tully who is the organizer of the World Kindness concerts, Kind Acts Network, and organizer of One of the Kind stories. To visit his website please click here.

Gary Anaka, a brain gymnastics coach , and a brain based learning facilitator shows us how to improve learning skills especially in this era of an aging human population. To visit his website please click here.

Nov. 9, 2007

Reimar Kroecher is our in-studio guest. As an Economics professor, he made John Robbin’s book Diet for a New America required reading for his classes. Maryka Mychajlowycz is the forest campaigner for Friends of Clayoqout Sound Preservation of Old Growth Forest is essential for the integral continuance of the provincial fauna and flora.

Nov. 2, 2007

Rob Wiltzen from Saltspring Island talks about the “Soil Amendment Code of Practise” a bill that was passed in Victoria legislature permitting sludge from sewage plants and lumber mills to be distributed on agricultural and crown land, . 2 Allan Jensen talks about his imminent South America trip. 3. Larry Evans, a mycologist and educator from Missoula, Montana, about animals that eat mushrooms. See

Oct. 26, 2007

Discussion of the Jevon’s Paradox with Conrad Schmidt, founder of the Workless Party and author of WORKERS OF THE WORLD – RELAX. See website . Karl shares information about mushrooms: a genetic study suggests that fungi and animals are sister groups, while plants constitute an independent evolutionary lineage. Marge cautions people about the effects Halloween fireworks may have on companion animals and wildlife.

Oct. 12, 2007

1. Allart interviews Michael Parfil, producer/director of the documentary film “Saving Luna” about the solitary Orca whale in Nootka Sound, whose friendliness touched the hearts of many. 2. Karl interviews Gary Chaberneault, who attended and gives a review of the recent Al Gore gala presentation.

Oct. 5, 2007

1. Karl interviews Michelle Klinger, formally a project assistant studying the Malayan Sun Bear. She also tells us about how the production of palm oil, which is in many products, is a major cause of rainforest destruction, and pleads that we don’t purchase products containing palm oil. 2. Marge interviews Marianne Verigin, founder of SAFE, the Society for Animal Freedom and Equality, She talks about changing the perception of animals. 3. Allart interviews Donna Lasser, of CAAT, the Canadian Animal Assistance Team, , about the experiences of teams of veterinarians and technicians that travel to disaster areas like New Orleans and recently Peru to rescue animals, and the other programs that they bring into various areas.

Sept. 28, 2007

1. Allart interviews Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University. Well known for his book “Animal Liberation”, among other books. Mr. Singer shares his views on various aspects of animal rights, with an emphasis on the massive abuse of animals in factory farms.

Sept. 21, 2007

1. Allart interviews Dr. Jonathan Balcombe, about his book “Pleasurable Kingdom”, which documents evidence that animals seek to enjoy themselves. 2. Allart then interviews Dr. Will Tuttle about his book “The World Peace Diet”, which describes the connection between our food choices and our broad range of problems – health, psychological, social, spiritual, environmental, and he offers solutions

Sept. 14, 2007

1. Allart interviews Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor of Psychology at UBC, and author of best-selling books about dogs. Topics are dog-fighting, BSL, origin of all breeds of domestic dogs, dog senses, etc.

Sept. 7, 2007 1 Marge interviews Debra Probert of the Vancouver Humane Society about their “Chicken Out” campaign. 2. Allart interviews Neil Boyd, Professor of Criminology at SFU, about dog-fighting, male violence, and Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

August 31, 2007 1. Allart reports on what goes on in the world of dog-fighting. 2. Marge interviews Mandy Butcher of Meow Aid about her cat shelter and about the cat population problem.

August 24, 2007 1. Karl interviews Hazel Smeltzer about her trip to Hadia Guaii, and she also shares a story about ravens. 2. Allart interviews Bob Butts who talks about curing animal diseases with only water and sea salt.

August 17, 2007 1. Marge interview Rob Bennett, entomologist, who talks about his research on insects. 2. Allart interviews Geoff Urton of the SPCA, who talks about their Farm Animal Welfare Program.

August 10, 2007 1. Karl interviews Denise Swanson, Board member of EarthSave who gives a review from their book club, the book being “The World Peace Diet” by Dr. Will Tuttle. 2. Karl interview Jesse Fraser from the Valley Therapeutic Stables about horses and healing autistic children. 3. Allart presents a story about mule-diving.

July 27, 2007 1. Our guest is Capilano College philosophy Professor Wayne Henry. Discussion revolves around why the intrinsic rights of animals should be perceived as being equal to the intrinsic rights of humans, based on our many similarities. He also talks about relative environmental issues

June 29, 2007 1. Mike Levenston, executive director of City Farmer ( ) talks about apartment composting. 2. Robert Light of No Whales in Captivity ( talks about the Park Board decision to allow the Vancouver Aquarium to capture sick or injured wild animals and keep them in captivity if they can’t be rehabilitated. 3. Oregon has passed a law prohibiting gestation cages for pigs. 4. Latest news on the combining of human and animal cells in stem cell research and the ethical controversies surrounding this.

June 22, 2007 1. Howard Lyman talks about the depletion of topsoil and the destructive effects of agribusiness on biological and genetic diversity. 2. Animals are portrayed as things and possessions. We project onto animals human attributes of human vices – vices which they do not have themselves, but which are used to enable their exploitation. 3. The solutions proposed by the FAO report on Climate Change seem to pander to Big Business, whose activities are deemed inevitable. But will a technological “fix” really solve the enormous problems associated with the raising of livestock.

June 8, 2007 1. Karl interviews Elinor Boyle, who talks about how eating less or no meat significantly reduces global warming, and yet the government subsidizes and supports big business meat industry. 2.Marge interviews Debra Probert of the Humane Society about the McVitty fund, an emergency fund for animals. 3. Karl interviews Allart, a stunt performer, actress, and singer about the film industry and animals. She also talks about programs that she has designed and taught that involve meditation, fitness, a vegan diet, and other factors necessary for mind-body health.

May 18, 2007. 1. Anthony Marr talks about the need for a ban on the importation of exotic animals, after a 32-year-old woman was mauled to death by a captive tiger at an exotic animal farm in the B.C. Interior.

2. Robert McCandless of Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary and Clinic and Inge Hanle discuss the “Cost Recovery Consultation for Natural Health Products”. The government of Canada is moving quickly towards its objective of implementing cost recovery for the natural health products industry. The proposed fee schedule will have serious implications for all Canadian Health Food Association members dealing in natural health products.

For more information click here. See also Common Ground

May 11, 2007 1. Milt Bowling speculates on the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Man has always had a fascination with the birds and the bees, traditionally linked to reproduction and food. Now the fascination is turning to concern, if not horror. Why? Because the birds and bees are disappearing. Over the winter of 2006-7, bee populations have plummeted, in what is being referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder. See

2. E-Fauna BC is a non-profit partnership project aimed at providing a free, comprehensive electronic atlas of the wildlife of British Columbia. When completed, E-Fauna BC will provide detailed information on all known wildlife species in British Columbia, including bats, birds, beetles, bugs and more. We speak with Project Coordinator, UBC Professor Brian Klinkenberg.

3. Robert McCandless of Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary and Clinic discusses the “Cost Recovery Consultation for Natural Health Products”. The government of Canada is moving quickly towards its objective of implementing cost recovery for the natural health products industry. The proposed fee schedule will have serious implications for all Canadian Health Food Association members dealing in natural health products.

For more information click here . See also Common Ground Magazine: Common Ground is hosting a public meeting to discuss this issue on Tuesday May 29 at Chai Tea House, 3243 West Broadway (upstairs). Call Jamie at 604-733-2215 to RSVP. Seating is limited.

May 4, 2007

1. Guest Krystal Parks, M.A.of the US group Pachyderm Power, is a children’s entertainer, activist, speaker, author and elephant preservationist. She tells the stories of the tragic fate of the elephants.

2. General discussions: another Canadian Mad Cow discovered; John Ralston Saul on the organic vegetable garden at Government House, Ottawa; Spanish attempt to declare bullfighting a “national heritage.”; Retailer Cosco selling praying mantissses as pest control for gardeners; etc

April 27, 2007 – 1. Guest Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock on Global Warming and its dire effects on animals.

2. April 23 was World Day for Lab Animals. Europeans for Medical Progress have produced a new video on the uselessness of animal testing. Victims of vivisection and scientific opponents make a clear case against vivisection, which is only supported by unscrupulous people who make money from it.


April 20, 2007

1. Pat Tohill, of the World Society for the Protection of Animals Pat Tohill, of the World Society for the Protection of Animals

recounts how the horrific and inhumane methods of bile extraction have been developed by the bear farming industry. All of them cause severe mental and physical trauma to the captive bears.

With your support, WSPA aims to stop the farming of bears for bile extraction and body parts across Asia.

2. Carol Reichert Carol Reichert of the Richmond Animal Animal Protection Society is our guest. With little debate and one final vote, city council welcomed the Richmond Animal Protection Society as the city’s new animal shelter operator recently. The move severs the city’s 20-year relationship with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

3 . With all the talk now of global warming, there is very little mention of the huge and negative impact of animal husbandry on the earth’s weather systems. Is this indicative of the attitudes of a majority not really changing except in “convenient” ways? Karl Losken warns of the dire consequences of the habit of eating animal flesh as a principal food.


April 13, 2007

1. BC SPCA Animal Protection Officers seized 11 dogs this week from a British Columbia Interior breeder believed to be supplying puppies to pet stores in the Greater Victoria area.

“The dogs were badly matted, covered in feces and living in substandard conditions,” said Marcie Moriarty, General Manager of Cruelty Investigations for the BC SPCA and our guest today.

2. Europeans for Medical Progress is an independent, non-profit organisation of scientists and medical professionals. Their goal is to protect human health by promoting human-specific medical research. They focus on rigorous scientific analysis of animal experimentation to assess the balance of help or harm to human health. Listen to part of a debate at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), January 16th 2007: Animal Testing: Necessary Cruelty or Cruelly Unnecessary?

Listen to Kathy Archibald, Europeans for Medical Progress Trust

Listen to Dr. Margaret Clotworthy, Europeans for Medical Progress Trust

April 06, 2007

1. SHAC Canada is launching its campaign in Vancouver against Huntington Life Sciences, a gigantic contract animal testing company. Website –

2. Arguments promoting organic agriculture and vegetarian diet to drastically reduce greenhouse emissions.


March 23, 2007

1. Esther Klein is spokesperson for the Animal Defense League of Canada , based in Ottawa, ON. March 1982 saw the establishment of the ADLC’s Alternative Research Fund (ARF) to promote and develop alternatives to the use of animals in biomedical research. See their website –

2. Sarah Wren is a conservation biologist leading the campaign opposing the McKenzie Pipeline Project. Sign the petition to protect the Suffield National Wildlife Area. See

3. Mary Beth Close founded the Canine Kingdom website to take on a big challenge: to change forever the way we live with and love our dogs. Canine Kingdom has published an e-book on its website on creating a better life for the latch-key dog.


Click on dates to download

March 09, 2007
Honeybee Centre is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the honeybee to people everywhere through their Beekeeping Services, Country Store, and their Visitor and Learning Centre. We talk to John Gibeau, proprietor of Honeybee Centre, beemaster and President of the BC Honey Producers Association , about Colony Collapse Disorder A mysterious illness is killing tens of thousands of honeybee colonies across the USA, threatening honey production, the livelihood of beekeepers and possibly crops that need bees for pollination.

7480 176 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 8E7
Cell: 1-604-317-2088 (use this first)
Tel: 1-604-575-2337
Fax: 1-604-575-2338

March 02, 2007

Part 1 – Huntington Life Sciences is Europe’s largest contract animal-testing facility, and as such kills some five hundred animals every day in gruesome experiments of no scientific value at all, that serve only as a feeble alibi for dangerous experimenting on people, enormously burdening our health care system with useless expenditures while leading medicine astray. The campaign to shut down Huntington is being accomplished by Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty by means of legal, direct action against CEOs of HLS’s customers, shareholders and bankers. But the right to free speech and the right to protest is being threatened by Canadian law enforcement’s harassment of the campaigners in ways that reflects very badly on this country. See their website

Part 2 – Back yards and living rooms are no places for wild or exotic animals , as there is clear evidence that exotic pets suffer in captivity. It’s time to stop this suffering and end the abuse and exploitation of these animals. Vancouver City Council could be on the verge of banning exotic animals in the city. Peter Fricker of the Vancouver Humane Societyreports on the February 1st meeting of City Council in which Council will consider a report from city staff that recommends prohibiting a list of exotic animals from being kept in the city and a second list banning certain animals from being sold. The report also recommends the city ban exotic animal performances.

January 19, 2007
Part 1 – Ted Kuntz (website is a psychotherapist in private practice in Vancouver, Canada, with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and 25 years of clinical experience. Ted is recognized internationally for his work in assisting individuals, families, organizations, and corporations manage the challenges, opportunities, and stresses of life more effectively and joyfully.

Much of the wisdom that Ted shares in his counselling, workshops, and book didn’t come from his formal training. Rather, it came from his own personal journey as the father of a child with disabilities – a child severely damaged by a vaccination .

Vaccines are the richest source of profit for the pharmaceutical industry, but are they safe and effective, as is claimed, or is their effectiveness in preventing illness merely an article of religious faith that doctors hold, not supported by facts, whereas their harmfulness is proven and acknowledged? But for those injured by vaccines, which are as much as forced on them, there is no compensation from either government or the pharmaceutical industry in Canada. Why?

Part 2 – BC’s declining Mountain Caribou population needs help, but a controversial recommendation to kill off its predators has environmentalists up in arms. We speak with Andy Miller , Wildlife Biologis t for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, on this wrong-headed solution to what is a man-made disaster, putting the mountain caribou population on the endangered species red-list of the Conservation Data Center. Tell the government how you feel about the Mountain Caribou Recovery Plan . Visit the Integrated Land Management Bureau’s Species at Risk Coordination Office (SaRCO)

January 12, 2007 Part 1 – For the Love of Dogs. We speak with Mary Beth Close of Canine Kingdom. The Canine Kingdom is making accurate information and objectively proven practices common knowledge, so that you and your dog can live long, happy and successful lives together. There is much more to their story. Enter the Canine Kingdom to learn what really works!

Part 2 – Anthony Marr, founder of the group HOPE ( Heal Our Planet Earth ), is an activist extraordinaire who works on behalf of endangered species, grizzlies, tigers, whales, dolphins, seals, and other animals. Anthony Marr has travelled to many countries in the world as an educator and has just returned from a 5-month lecture tour.

January 05, 2007Part 1 – We speak with Andy Miller , Wildlife Biologis t for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee , on the state of Stanley Park and its animals and trees after the storms of December 2006. Western Canada Wilderness Committee has urged the Vancouver Park Board to go on record and reassure the public that most of the trees that have fallen in Stanley Park due to the recent windstorm will remain in the park and not be hauled away to make lumber. The Wilderness Committee notes that decomposing trees provide essential nutrients to the soil to support a flourishing forest in the future. Also a discussion of the need for presently non-existent provincial Endangered Species legislation. The Federal Government, in this era of shaky federal-provincial relations, says that it will not impose endangered species legislation on provinces. According to its legal experts, federal legislation would infringe on provincial jurisdiction over land-related matters. Thus, the provinces must take the lead role in protecting endangered species in Canada.

Part 2 – Diana Jewel of Earth Save Canada, calls in to give us a vegan recipe for vegetarian and vegan pea soup , costing less than the cost of a bag of potato chips!

December 29, 2006
Dr. Aysha Akhtar, M.D., M.P.H ., is double-Board certified in both Neurology and Preventive Medicine. As medical and research advisor for Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine , Dr. Akhtar works to promote alternatives to the use of animals in medical research, especially in spinal cord injury research. (See full bio .) We talk with her about PCRM’s fight to protect the citizens of Chandler, Arizona from a plan to locate an animal testing facility there, particularly because it is to be located near homes, schools, businesses, and wildlife.
, an animal testing laboratory , plans to build a 591,000-square-foot facility in Chandler ( ), housing nearly a quarter of a million animals, including monkeys. Covance is a contract lab—paid to test cosmetic ingredients, food additives, pesticides, and drugs on monkeys, dogs, rabbits, cats, rats, and mice. In 1989, a Covance facility, operating under the company’s previous name, was placed under quarantine after several research monkeys were discovered to be infected with the deadly Ebola virus . The facility was evacuated, all the monkeys were euthanized, and the premises had to be sealed. The building was eventually destroyed and the land given away. Infectious disease, biohazards, animal waste, toxic chemicals, and animal carcasses are serious public health concerns. PCRM mailed the DVD “ What Covance Doesn’t Want You to See ” to over 23,000 voters in Chandler. You can watch the video here, or order a copy.

December 22, 2006 12:00 – Interview with Simone Terlinden of Dogs in Distress Rescue in Vancouver, BC, an organization that rescues dogs from inhumane situations and owners.

12:30 – Medical merry-go-round. Interview with cardiologist John J. Pippin, MD, of the group Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine on all the media hype, especially in Canada, of a promised “breakthrough cure” for diabetes. Trouble is, it’s only a cure in MICE. How many such so-called cures have there been, only to be discarded and forgotten because they failed in human trials, endangering human life and . Worth the trouble or a gross waste of time and money?

To hear just the interview with Dr. John J. Pippin, click here. See Dr. Pippin’s bio here.

December 06, 2006 Dynamic Health guest: Susan Levin, M.S. R.D., is a staff nutritionist at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). We explore the links between diet and diabetes, and the need for nutrition guidelines that reflect PCRM’s New Four Food Groups (fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains).

Did Frederick Banting really discover insulin by experimenting on dogs?

September 08, 2006
1. Christianne Wilhelmson of the Georgia Strait Alliance talks about environmental groups and commercial fishermen having launched a private prosecution against both the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) and the Province of British Columbia over toxic pollution from the Lions Gate sewage treatment plant in West Vancouver. 2. Maureen Bragg of North Vancouver’s “Save Our Shores” talks about the shore clean-up walk starting from Cates Park. We’re fouling our own nest!!!. 3. Hazel Smeltzer tells a story of psychic communication with a horse who didn’t like his name. 4. Vaccines are supposed to be a triumph of animal experimentation , but it can be shown that vaccination has always caused epidemics rather than eradication of the disease being vaccinated against. We read from “Vaccination Condemned” (1982) how polio vaccine is obtained. The manufacture of the polio vaccine nearly wiped out an entire species of animal – the rhesus monkey.

September 01, 2006 – Guest: Howard Lyman relates stories of his African safari. relates stories of his African safari.

August 25, 2006 – Guest: Ruth Heidrich

July 21, 2006 – Part 1 – Barbara Murray of tells the story of Boo the black bear, whose mother was shot by a poacher in 2002. She escaped from her compound by digging under the electric fence. Lately she’s returned. Part 2 – Peter Fricker of the VHS is proposing changes to the by-law that allows exotic animals such a caymans and rattle snakes in the city as pets. Part 3 . Dr. Vince Lurie , a Vancouver Naturopath ( ), tells stories of encounters with wildlife in South Africa

July 14, 2006
Part 1 . The owners of the Japanese carrier ‘Andre’ that caused the oil spill in Burrard Inlet, flying under a flag of convenience (Hong Kong), has finally accepted responsibility for the clean-up, which has affected many sea-birds. Kevin Bell , past Director of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society , discusses the bungling manner in which this disaster was handled; Part 2. Debra Durham is a primatologist for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals , campaigning against the sadistic and worthless maternal deprivation experiments started by Harry Harlow in the Fifties at the Yerkes National Primate Research at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, and continuing today by many so-called scientists such as Michael Davis, in hot pursuit of federal grants from the Institute of Health and Mental Health , which has awarded him millions of dollars in a decade of futile “research”. Please visit PETA’s website and write a letter of protest. See for information about the mother-infant separation and other primate experiments.

Part 3. Kathy Kandziolka is Co-ordinator and a Facilitator for the Sewing Seeds Humane Education Project , which puts on workshops teaching people how to turn compassion into action. Humane education examines the challenges facing our planet, from human oppression and animal exploitation to materialism and ecological degradation. See

July 7, 2006

June 30, 2006
Part 1 . Phoenix Organic Farms and Bed & Breakfast near Victoria, BC accommodates special diets and offer a breakfast made from organic ingredients grown on the farm!
They use only biodegradable and environmentally friendly products for their cleaning and bathroom supplies; laundry detergents for their linens, robes, and towels are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of dyes and perfumes. They offer organic shampoos and biodegradable soaps in our suites as well. Owner Laura Matthias has also written a cookbook ExtraVeganZa: Original Recipes from Phoenix Organic Farm. See .

Part 2 . While cancer is the second leading cause of death in humans, it is the leading cause in American pets. As a holistic practitioner and a nationally recognized expert in integrative medicine for animals, Dr. Shawn Messonnier maintains that this doesn’t have to be. Drawing on nearly twenty years of veterinary medicine and study, Dr. Messonnier offers a step by step, hands-on approach to preventing and treating cancer in dogs. The Natural Vet’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs offers both hope and help. See .

Part 3 . Jerry Cook is Co-Founder of the World Orchard Project. We all know that the future of our Earth, children and grandchildren are being compromised by our current daily living. This project is a way of expressing our hopes and dreams of a more compassionate lifestyle for all animals, humans and the environment through the rebuilding of the common areas. To rebuild these areas, we are planting fruit-bearing trees and bushes which allow organic nourishment for all who desire it. See

June 23, 2006 – Paws in Motion – Julia Paizakis is co-owner of an animal care facility that offers dog obedience training, daycare, walking services, raw food nutritional counselling, etc.. Emily Yamaguchi of the UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems discusses sustainable urban agriculture.

June 16, 2006
Part 1 . Lesley Fox describes her program “The Power of One”
Part 2. Coalition for No Whales in Captivity spokesperson discusses the protest at the Vancouver Aquarium Sunday, June 18, to spoil the VA’s 50th Anniversary party.
Part 3. PETA’s Laura Yanne reports on Taser International’s use of bizarre experiments on pigs, conducted at University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Pentagon and elsewhere, to declare its products safe, though more than 150 people have died in North America at the hands of police using taser guns. See .

May 26, 2006
Part 1 . Conrad Schmidt, founder of the Work Less Party , tells us that we “now seem more determined than ever to work harder and produce more stuff, which creates a bizarre paradox, we are proudly breaking our backs to decrease the carrying capacity of the planet. You’re invited to join them on May 30th to celebrate the release of the book ‘Workers Of The World Relax’.

Part 2 . Kelly Bunting of Coalition for No Whales In Captivity discusses the expansion plans of the Vancouver Aquarium and the imminent vote at Parks Board for approval. See

May 12, 2006 – Part 1 . Peter Fricker of the VHS gives us details of the proposal to Surrey City Council to phase out the Cloverdale Rodeo and immediately place a ban on calf-roping and wild-cow milking.

Part 2. Adam Wilson is Chief Executive Activist of DownBound representing an ideological shift down the corporate ladder, down the food chain and down to Earth, with ecologically-sustainable, vegan products made by fairly paid labour. Shop online for organic hemp clothing, vegan cat and dog food, and more.

March 31, 2006
1. Karen Duncan of the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association ( ) gives advice on adoption, weaning, nutrition and diet, litter box training and handling, vaccination controversy, and more.

2 . GRAIN report says global poultry industry is at the root of the bird flu crisis. Small-scale poultry farming and wild birds are being unfairly blamed for the bird flu crisis now affecting large parts of the world. A new report from GRAIN shows how the trans-national poultry industry is the root of the problem and must be the focus of efforts to control the virus…. . 3. Premarin fanatics want to outlaw natural products. Stop the FDA from banning your right to use bio-identical hormones! We need 20,000 votes opposing the Wyeth complaint to be filed on the FDA website by April 4, 2006! ….

March 10, 2006 The annual Canadian seal slaughter is about to commence. Anthony Marr is our special guest. Website –

March 3, 2006
Americans For Medical Advancement promote human wellness by exposing the lost opportunities for cures and the life-threatening results of animal-modeled biomedical research. They educate the public, showing how government and charities misspend medical research dollars and place us at grave risk. Website –

February 24, 2006 “Animal Vaccination, A Serious Issue” at

Samdra (Sandy) Urwin is a pioneer in holistic animal therapies and has been actively involved in holistic animal care since 1985, using her training in nursing, hypnotherapy, NLP, homeopathy, herbal medicine, holistic pulsing, massage and other modalities to develop courses in complementary therapies.

February 17, 2006 David Parker was the Green Party candidate in Edmonton Centre, and is also on the board of Vegertarians of Alberta.

Sinikka Crossland is the president of TRACS . She lives in Westbank in the Okanagen Executive director for the Canadian Horse defense Coalition


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