Aisha Robinson of Five Loaves Atlanta: Feeding the Hungry with Nourishing Vegan Food

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The show features an exclusive interview with Aisha Robinson, the founder of Five Loaves Atlanta, on her work providing plant-based food and other necessities to the food-insecure and unhoused population through this community initiative.

Aisha Robinson, the founder of Five Loaves Atlanta, on Supporting Community Unity through Vegan Meals, Food Donations, and Other Essentials

Five Loaves Atlanta: plant-based meal distribution to the unhoused and food insecure. “Access to cruelty-free food should be a right instead of a privilege” – Aisha Robinson, founder of Five Loaves Atlanta.

Aisha Robinson founded Five Loaves Atlanta when she had the idea to host a plant-based potluck for the unhoused and food insecure in the Atlanta area. Several times every week since December 26th of 2019, she has been going out with her mother and her son to distribute plant-based meals and essentials such such as basic hygiene products, socks, blankets, and clothes from community donors. Through cooperation and community empowerment, she hopes to facilitate progress in this area to make a difference for people in need.

All items and ingredients are gathered through the community, either directly or using cash donations. No donation is too small: Five Loaves Atlanta states that “only $5.00 could buy a blanket, hearty bread, a case of water, or make a soul-filling soup”. To contribute to Five Loaves Atlanta and support the Atlanta area with Aisha, you can send donations online.

Contact Aisha for any other opportunities to get involved with this community initiative at

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