Author: Jen

Co-host/co-producer of the weekly radio show Animal Voices Vancouver.

Dairy and Egg Industry Disguising Advertising as Nutrition Education and Local Activists Expose Pig Transport Cruelty

False and Inappropriate Advertising and the Cruelty of Animal Transport

Beautiful Hearts and Minds – Compassionate Lifestyle Transformations by Ashley Alexander and Deborah Holland

Two Vancouver women who made compassionate lifestyle transformations, and a discussion about the famous Earthlings documentary.

Vegan Pregnancies and Beyond…for the Planet, Health, Animals and Environment

Answers to commonly-asked questions about vegan pregnancies from Anna Pippus, mother of two vegan kids.

A New Documentary on Animal Testing, and Bad-Ass Activist Jenny Mathison of Washington

A documentary film, and a risky publicity stunt to raise awareness for animals in testing labs.

An Integrative Vegan Veterinarian, Vegan Dog Food, and Bee Population Decline

Find out what you can do to prevent the further decline of our essential pollinators (bees), and learn about plant-based diets and holistic care for our animal companions.

Vegan Entrepreneurship: The Best Deodorant in The World

Reducing our plastic use and supporting ethical businesses in our purchases.

A Unique Perspective on Veganism from a Former Hunter, and Exposing Australia’s Cruelty Toward Kangaroos

Vegan man from Chilliwack Who Used to Hunt and a New Documentary Exposes Australia’s Inhumane Treatment of Their Iconic Kangaroo

What Animal Rights Activists Want You To Know, and The Psychology of Change

The downside of animal rights activism and why people react defensively.

Scientists’ Warning on Anthropogenic Climate Change, Local Entrepreneurs Creating Positive Change, and The Reality Of Animal Testing

Scientists offer second warning to humanity about our fate on Earth, and interviews with local entrepreneurs who are creating change on this. Also, interview with Last Chance For Animals undercover investigator.

Cassie King of Direct Action Everywhere

Open Rescue of Animals Documented and Exposed for the World to See