A New Documentary on Animal Testing, and Bad-Ass Activist Jenny Mathison of Washington

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Vancouver Documentary Film Maker Gary Charbonneau is at it Again…

Gary Charbonneau and lawyer Arden Beddoes speaking to the media at the Supreme Court of Canada

Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered, a documentary made available for free public viewing in 2015, brought much-needed attention to the reality of industries which hold animals captive for profit and entertainment. Film maker, Gary Charbonneau (Evotion Films) fearlessly endured a lawsuit by the Vancouver Aquarium as a result of his documentary (note: he was not sued for defamation) and that hasn’t stopped him from shining a light on the darker side of some profitable industries.  Mr. Charbonneau is currently working on his next documentary, Dying In Deceit which reveals the scientific use of animals in attempting to cure human diseases. Many doctors and scientists agree that this is an archaic practice which isn’t effective and leads to needless animal suffering while delaying the discovery of cures for humans who are dying. The film is expected to be out by early 2019 and fundraising is beginning now. If you would like to donate, please do so here.


Washington Activist and Sanctuary Owner, Jenny Mathison

Jenny has been fighting for the animals nearly all her life. A vegan of 20 years, the majority of her activism has been directed toward providing sanctuary for rescued animals. She spent years working as the cruelty investigator and farm animal manager for a large non-profit farm animal sanctuary and has more recently opened her own sanctuary, Rooster Haus Rescue. While the majority of her activism has been directed toward providing safety and freedom for farm animals, she was also heavily involved in the campaign combating the construction of a primate testing facility at the University of Washington. Jenny was part of an action that halted the construction of this facility and is currently dealing with the financial repercussions ($13.5k in USD) levied toward her from this act of defiance. Please consider donating to Rooster Haus Rescue or to Jenny’s legal bills by clicking here.

The Rooster Haus Rescue saves many animals, mainly fowl.

Jenny and another activist handcuffed to the excavator at University of Washington’s construction site for the new lab.

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