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Giving to RASTA sanctuary for Christmas, and Whole Foods drops charges against DXE’s Wayne Hsiung

Why not give the gift of animal sponsorship at a sanctuary this Christmas? Also, DXE exposes the humane lies told by Whole Foods.

A New Documentary on Animal Testing, and Bad-Ass Activist Jenny Mathison of Washington

A documentary film, and a risky publicity stunt to raise awareness for animals in testing labs.

Piebird Farm Sanctuary and Empowering Nonhuman Activists

We speak with Sherry and Yan of Piebird Farm Sanctuary about “vegansteading” and their animal friends. We also chat with Darren Chang about nonhumans joining us in the fight for their liberation.

Live and Let Live. Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Marc Pierschel, the creative mind behind Live and Let Live, joins us to talk about his new documentary about what moves people to live vegan. We also share some of our favourite clips from a recent trip to Pigs Peace Sanctuary in Washington State.

Brenda Bronfman from Wishing Well Sanctuary, and Preet Marwaha from Organic Lives

On today’s show we share the story of how a lucky pig named Yoda found her way from the slaughter truck to a sanctuary. We also get the dirt on why vegans should care about organics.

Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge in BC… and Eating Vegan in Vegas!

Today we speak with Shirley Mainprize from the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge. We also feature a conversation with Paul Graham who runs the popular Eating Vegan in Vegas blog.