Author: Jackie

Gender and Sexual Diversity Amongst Animals and Trickle Up Queer / Animal Activism

Joan Roughgarden on gender and sexual diversity and Hana Low on trickle up activism for LGBTQ folks and nonhuman animals.

Piebird Farm Sanctuary and Empowering Nonhuman Activists

We speak with Sherry and Yan of Piebird Farm Sanctuary about “vegansteading” and their animal friends. We also chat with Darren Chang about nonhumans joining us in the fight for their liberation.

Resistance Ecology and Animal Housing

We speak with Jean Hebert re: Residential Tenancy Act petition to help humans with companion animals access housing without discrimination. Justin Kay and Haley White join us to speak about the upcoming Resistance Ecology Conference.

World Day for Laboratory Animals

We speak with Carol Glasser of Progress for Science, and Laura Janara, political theorist who opposes animal research.

Captive Animals: Exotic “pets”, and the Greater Vancouver Zoo

The Greater Vancouver Zoo protest organizers chat about all the problems that zoos create, and contribute to, and why action against the captivity is important. David Isbister speaks about exotic “pet” trade.

Open Rescue and Respecting Women in Activist Communities

We speak with Wayne Hsuing about the recent open rescue that he was involved with from a Whole Foods egg supplier. We also share an interview with Ashley Maier on sexual assault in activist communities, as well as the connections between feminism and animal rights.

Empty All Cages: Prison Abolition and Animal Liberation

We speak with Sue Brown, an anti-prison and animal, activist, about the connections between animal liberation and prison abolition. We also chat about last week’s memorable Whole Foods demo and why they are a target.

2014 Recap: Highlights of The Year!

This is a recap of 2014 and the amazing activism and events that took place.

Human Rights: Slaughterhouse Worker Suffering and Linking Oppressions

lauren Ornelas on the oppression of slaughterhouse and agricultural workers, and we discuss how various oppressions affect us and our activism.

Critiques of Vegan Consumerism. The Happy Herd.

We speak with Stephen Wiltshire of The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary, and Guray Tezcan about the critiques of vegan consumerism.