Empty All Cages: Prison Abolition and Animal Liberation

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On today’s show, we discuss the cuntileverycageisemptyoncept of liberating all, human and non-human, from cages. This, of course, is on the topic of prison abolition and animal liberation and the deep connections that exist between the two movements.

This is an extremely important topic for all animal advocates to think, and learn, about. Can we ever expect liberation for non-humans, while we still lock humans in cages? Will imprisoning an animal abuser ever achieve tangible justice for the animals harmed? Are laws just, and are they enforced justly? How can activists feel truly safe if they know they may one day end up locked up for speaking, or acting, in defence of animals?

We discuss these, and other, important questions that all animal activists, or anyone involved in social justice, needs to ask themselves.

Sue Brown, Prisoners’ Justice

Sue Brown is a long time anti-prison and animal liberation activist and vegan. Sue is an anarcha-feminist, who’s political beliefs led her to fight for prison justice and animal liberation. Sue has been involved in anti-prison work in varying capacities over the last 10 years, and involved in animal liberation for 4 years. Some of her involvement has included participation with Cakenphile Anti-prison Collective, Black Paw Print Collective, and Wildlife Defence League, among others. She has completed her Master’s Degree at Simon Fraser University in Criminology on police violence and conditions of confinement for young women in police holding cells in British Columbia.

Sue is hosting a variety of film screenings this month on the topic of prison justice, and prisoner oppression.  Later in January, Sue will be hosting a discussion with Direct Action Everywhere activists called Staring Down the State: Rights, Surveillance, and Security Culture.

We speak with Sue on the unjust prison system that is currently in place, the ways this harms humans and non-humans alike. We also discuss ways of moving forward without this system toward a more just society, and to achieve total liberation.

Whole Foods Disruption

The show starts with a discussion about last weekend’s amazing Whole Foods demonstration, where, locally, 50+ activists participated. We share some clips from this disruption, as well as discuss our feelings about it and why Whole Foods is the target.

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