2014 Recap: Highlights of The Year!

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As it is a new year, we take the time to reflect on some of our best memories of the past year. What have we worked on, and accomplished, in 2014 and how does that impact our activism in 2015?

Marley Daviduk, Vancouver Animal Defense

Marley Daviduk and Samantha Baskerville of VADL lock themselves to the inner track railing at the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon races.

Marley Daviduk and Samantha Baskerville of VADL lock themselves to the inner track railing at the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon races.

A definite highlight in activism of the year was the Calgary Stampede Lockdown. On the evening of July 4th, activists with the Vancouver Animal Defense League, Marley Daviduk and Samantha Baskerville, locked themselves on the inside race track moments before the chuckwagon races were to begin.

They held two banners, reading “Blood Sport” and “No More Dead Horses”, which made clear what their intentions were in doing this demonstration. They were there to protest the horrific “sport” of chuckwagon races, which almost always result in death or severe injuries to horses, and this year human as well.

“Following the Stampede’s alleged improvements to the deadly chuckwagon races in 2011, two horses were killed in a 2011 Stampede chuckwagon race, three horses were killed and one horse was wounded in a 2012 chuckwagon race, and one horse collapsed and died right after the 2013 chuckwagon race, for a total of more than 60 chuckwagon-related horse deaths in 28 years. Furthermore, the person tasked with allegedly “auditing” animal welfare at the Stampede, Jennifer Woods, has been presented in media as an “independent animal welfare expert” and “veterinarian,” yet she is neither. Ms. Woods, owner of J. Woods Livestock Services, receives compensation from the Calgary Stampede, as opposed to being an impartial third party; and she is not a D.V.M., i.e., Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, she has a master’s in veterinary preventative medicine, which pertains to the health of animal populations.” – Vancouver Animal Defense League

Today, we have Marley Daviduk on the show to speak with us about this memorable action.

Recaps of 2014 Highlights on Animal Voices

It has been such an amazing year for Animal Voices, which incredible guests, segments and contributors. It was extremely difficult to fit the highlights of our year into a two hour show, as there were so many! Some of the hosts of Animal Voices came up with a mishmash of some memorable clips from interviews, segments, and other adventures.

We replay moments with Esther the Wonder Pig’s family,  Direct Action Everywhere’s Wayne Hsuing, our street interviews with the public, Dylan Powell, pattrice Jones, Will Potter and more.

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