Captive Animals: Exotic “pets”, and the Greater Vancouver Zoo

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With the Greater Vancouver Zoo Protest gearing up for this weekend, we have the organizing team behind it: Darren Chang, Jackie McIntosh (Animal Voices host), David Isbister, and Meghan Beattie, join us on the air for a lively discussion about the reason why the zoo is being targeted and activism in general. This is a great listen for all who plan to attend the protest and want to prep themselves in advance, or for anyone who wants to learn more about the problems that zoos create for animals.

Infographic detailing the Greater Vancouver Zoo’s recent history and the animal deaths and associated suffering that has taken place there:


David Isbister, Speaking on Exotic Animals As Pets IMG_4916

Exotic animals living as “pets” are a topic not often delved into by animal advocates and activists, but an important one nonetheless. Reptiles, fish and insects; whose lives are often cut short by inadequate care, humans attempting to maintain a tropical environment in a tank which is in every way unnatural or desirable for them, or abandoning them when their care needs exceed expectation. Parrots; who are often stolen from their homes in the wild (or bred in extreme confinement), suffer in cages without much ability for free flight, and often outlive their caregivers…  And all the other many, large and small, exotic animals that are kept in homes, often as a novelty without knowledge or experience of the species the humans are caring for. This is something that should be on the radar of all animal advocates, especially after discovering how big this industry really is…

David Isbister had worked for many years in the exotic animal trade before coming to the realization of the poor ethics behind keeping these beautiful animals in tanks and cages for our amusement. He is now an advocate for animals and passionate about issues of animals in captivity and exotic pets. David has a wide range of knowledge about the exotic pet trade, care, and the dark side of rescue. We will talk with David about these and other issues related to exotic animals.



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