Brenda Bronfman from Wishing Well Sanctuary, and Preet Marwaha from Organic Lives

Here’s this week’s show!

To start, we discuss our 3rd annual Compassionate ThanksLiving Potluck Celebration which happened on Monday October 14th.
We had over 200 guests, more vegan food than you’ve ever seen in one place, live music, and a craft table.
Tune in to hear more about our biggest event of the year!

Wishing Well Sanctuary


Yoda is peacefully living out the rest of her days far away from a slaughterhouse

Our first interview is with Brenda Bronfman, the founder of Wishing Well Sanctuary, the newest farmed animal sanctuary in Ontario. Their mission is to promote the greater emotional strength and mental health of children, youth and their families through programs that provide a direct and holistic experience of our interconnectedness with all life.

Wishing Well Sanctuary recently made national headlines when they rescued a little piglet, who escaped from a transport truck that was bound for a ‘fattening facility’. The piglet, now named Yoda, lives at Wishing Well Sanctuary with many other animal friends. Listen in for an update on Yoda and to learn more about the this beautiful and peaceful place that Brenda pours her heart into, for the good of all beings.

Preet Marwaha, Organic Lives

By reconnecting with our food – and understanding agriculture, production and manufacturing systems and the impact of our choices — the shift back to an optimal, sustainable way of living is possible.

In our second interview we speak with Preet Marwaha about his personal story and about why eating organic benefits ourselves, the planet and other animals. From learning to cook in his grandmother’s kitchen to VIP Chef and Guest Speaker at a United Nations conference, Preet Marwaha’s life has been defined by food. He was not to know how much until struck with a life-threatening illness at 18. Then, food became the path back to health and his life’s mission: to create a paradigm shift in how people live, starting with food and the systems that produce it.

Today, he is an in-demand nutrition and food authority, locally and globally. He founded the popular Vancouver-based OrganicLives™ line of raw organic vegan food products. He has also worked with the UN Environment Programme, India-Canada Organic Agriculture Association, World Wellness Project, and the Safe Planet Campaign, and developed and taught curriculum for Vancouver’s Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Preet also coaches people with acute or chronic illnesses, elite athletes and those who want to optimize their well-being.

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