Halloween Horrors and Hoopla: Lucas Solowey of Mercy For Animals Canada; and Burlesque Stars Anja Keister, Bettina May and Lana de L’Amour

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Here we have an inspiring show as part of Vancouver Co-op Radio’s Fall Member Drive. We are featuring a stellar lineup of guests including: Lucas Solowey of Mercy For Animals Canada; and Burlesque Stars Anja Keister, Bettina May and Lana de L’Amour of Silhouesque Dance.

Halloween Horrors: The Egg McMisery Campaign

On Saturday October 19th, 2013 Mercy For Animals Canada released a new undercover investigation into Canada’s egg industry. The investigation aired on CTV’s W5 news program to a national audience. Lucas Solowey, the National Outreach Coordinator for Mercy For Animals Canada will be joining us in the studio to discuss the investigation and the new Egg McMisery campaign. MFA Canada appeared on Animal Voices previously and we are excited to welcome them back to discuss their progress.

Halloween Hoopla: Vegan Burlesque Stars

Later in the show we will be joined by some top local and international vegan Burlesque stars who will be giving us their vegan costume and makeup tips just in time for Halloween.

Anja Keister

Anja Keister

Anja Keister, founder of D20 Burlesque will be talking about her experiences with vegan costuming and giving her best vegan Halloween costume recommendations. Anja Keister is a vegan Burlesque Perfomer and Producer based out of New York City. She is the author of the blog veganburlesque.wordpress.com.

Bettina May

Bettina May

Then Bettina May will be talking about vegan makeup and beauty tips to get you ready for the holidays. Bettina May is a Canadian born pin-up model, burlesque dancer and photographer currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She teaches pin up classes designed to share vintage beauty secrets and has her own line of vegan accessories called Coquette Faux Furriers. She has also been a featured model in PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad campaign.

Finally, local dancer Lana de L’Amour of Silhouesque Dance will be updating us on the local Burlesque community. Lana is a vegan and also the creator of Silhouesque, a new burlesque influenced style which she calls a “feminist fusion of dance styles”.

Local Silhouesque Dance Troupe, Glamourati

Local Silhouesque Dance Troupe, Glamourati

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1 comment for “Halloween Horrors and Hoopla: Lucas Solowey of Mercy For Animals Canada; and Burlesque Stars Anja Keister, Bettina May and Lana de L’Amour

  1. marv wheale
    October 26, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    Kudos to the egg McMisery Campaign and your coverage.

    I found the angle on burlesque represented in you programme to be quite conventional. Here is a more forward looking outlook:

    http://feministcurrent.com/7962/responding-to-critiques-of-burlesque-cheat-sheet-crazy-making-edition/ The blog’s comment field is well worth reading. The author writes out of Vancouver and posts articles by many other feminists too.

    On the subjects of Halloween and intersectionality you were somewhat more progressive (i.e. avoiding animal parts in costumes), but the following links expand the horizons of awareness much further:





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