Layla AbdelRahim on Domestication. A Tribute to Turkeys.

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Do you ever consider yourself a captive animal, commodified and oppressed by a “ruling” class?

We feature an interview with Layla AbdelRahim, an anthropologist, a writer, a researcher and a public speaker who holds a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Montreal, Quebec. Layla is currently on a speaking tour in the Cascadian bioregion.

Her newest book, Wild Children — Domesticated Dreams; Civilization and the Birth of Education, was published by Fernwood Publishing earlier this year. Layla, born and raised in Russia, says that her central philosophies about the world formed before she was 4 years old, including her deep respect for wild forests and all animals.

Tribute to Turkeys

Art from the 46 Million Turkeys project

Art from the 46 Million Turkeys project

We discuss our 3rd Annual Compassionate ThanksLiving Potluck Celebration happening on Monday October 14th in Vancouver. We also play a few great clips from past interviews with Farm Sanctuary and Karen Dawn, media maven, activist, and author of Thanking The Monkey; Rethinking the Way We Think About Animals.

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