Vegan Entrepreneurship: The Best Deodorant in The World

Joshua David Bruce, vegan entrepreneur

How many times have you spent around $10 on a natural deodorant, only to use it once and find that it doesn’t work? We have a solution to this problem! Meet some vegan entrepreneurs who are creating change in the personal care industry with their natural deodorant. Co-founders and life partners Margaux Khoury and Joshua David Bruce have spent years perfecting their recipe for The Best Deodorant in The World …an all-natural, organic, vegan deodorant that is contained in chic biodegradable cardboard packaging and printed with plant-based inks.

Margaux and Joshua met our host/producer Jen Dobell at an animal rights demonstration at the Vancouver Aquarium, and Jen became such a fan of their product and philanthropic mission that she decided to join the team. One day per month, Margaux and Joshua plan to donate proceeds from all sales to animal advocacy organizations, as well as provide clean drinking water for those in need with every container sold.

This product will be launching in early March 2018 and we suggest you order some if you’ve been struggling to find a product that’s more effective than most natural deodorants which are currently available. The Best Deodorant in The World is safe, chemical-free, and highly effective. It has a subtle, yet refreshing scent and it’s effectiveness lasts for hours. It’s also great for travel and camping trips, given its clay-like consistency, making it easy to take a small dab with you rather than packing the whole container in your luggage.


Jen Dobell’s favourite new product!

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