An Integrative Vegan Veterinarian, Vegan Dog Food, and Bee Population Decline

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“Colony Collapse Disorder” Affecting Our Pollinators and Food Supply

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Bees and other pollinating insects play an essential role in ecosystems. One third of all our food depends on their pollination. A world without pollinators would be devastating for food production. Bee-killing pesticides in particular pose the most direct risk to pollinators. The main reasons for global bee-decline are linked to industrial agriculture, parasites/pathogens and climate change. The loss of biodiversity due to monocultures and the wide-spread use of bee-killing pesticides are particular threats for honeybees and wild pollinators.

Charlotte Dawe is the Conservation and Policy Campaigner for the Wilderness Committee.  She advocates for new, strong, and effective laws that will protect our wilderness. Charlotte possesses a Bachelors Degree in Conservation Biology and is a published researcher offering a wealth of knowledge about conservation, restoration, species at risk and policy tools which can help protect wilderness and wildlife. On today’s show, we learn about the bee population decline, Colony Collapse Disorder and the connection to the use of pesticides on food crops, the impact of this on our environment and food production, and how concerned individuals can take action on this important matter.

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Whole-Food Plant Based Dog Food is Coming Soon!

Laura Simonson has a unique business venture…with her company, DOGG (*UPDATE: DOGG has been re-named Virchew) Laura is creating a new paradigm for canine health, our environment, and compassion for all animals through pure, plant-based food for dogs. She invites everyone to join her as she pioneers a new future where doing good business means doing good for all, and there is still an opportunity to invest in this ethical business.

Plant-based diets are the Next BIG thing in modern nutrition. Research proving the indisputable health benefits and positive impact on our environment is quickly shifting our awareness to rethink our diets and responsibility to our planet’s health. What if dogs, like humans, also thrive on plant-based foods? What if, by eliminating more animal foods from our dog’s diet and our diet, we experience a new level of health and at the same time, decrease the negative impact on our planet’s environment? What if together, we restore animal welfare? This is the vision of DOGG.



Why Are Vegan Veterinarians So Hard To Find?

Some people joke that a veterinarian who eats animal products is no different than a medical doctor who eats their human patients. In all seriousness, it is perplexing that seeking out a vegan veterinarian is so rare, and finding one who promotes plant-based diets for animals is even more challenging. On today’s show, we speak with Dr. Radica Raj, a certified veterinarian and owner a veterinary practice called Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care in Burnaby, BC.

Her clinic offers a one stop shop for everything that feeds your animal companion’s body, mind and soul. She is a surgeon but chooses to offer surgery that is in the best interests of her patients, such as ovary-sparing spays. She primarily chooses natural products and ways to treat her patients but is also  knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals and will not hesitate to use them in an emergency situation or when needed. Dr. Raj is also a chiropractor and is certified in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She offers Platelet Rich Plasma treatments and stem cell treatments and is currently finishing her certification in Canine Rehabilitation to complement her Regenerative Medicine treatments and help return her patients to better, if not full mobility.
Dr. Raj has been a vegan for more than 25 years and will not hesitate to discuss a plant-based diet for patients suffering from cancer or auto-immune diseases.

We will speak with Dr. Raj about her views on plant-based diets for animals, and her unique approach to healing animals, care for geriatric and paralyzed patients especially when surgery is not the first option.

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