Author: Gillian

Vegan Psychologist and Activist Clare Mann Discusses Her New Book, “Vystopia”

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Clare Mann is an Australia-based vegan psychologist, communications trainer and animal rights campaigner. She consults with people all over the world to help address the personal and social challenges of being vegan and living…

Mary Kate Fain from Liberation Philadelphia and King Zoom the Vegan Kid.

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An interview with the first speaker that had me standing on my feet at the Animal Rights Conference. Mary Kate Fain from Liberation Philadelphia talks about the power of confrontation for social movements, her…

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk and Music Therapist and DxE Investigator Eva Hamer

Ingrid Newkirk, president and founder of PETA joins us to discuss her world tour and her only Canadian stop. Eva Hamer, open rescue activist investigator, and organizer with Direct Action Everywhere uses music therapy to heal the animal rights community.

Vegan Freegans Amanda Barker and John Sakars

History was made this week in California as 1200 activists from all corners of the world attended the Animal Liberation Conference including Gillian Walters and Alison Cole. Vegan Freegans Amanda Barker and John Sakars spread their vegan message on a hitchhiking journey across Canada and the United States.

A Journey of Love, Justice and the Fulfillment of a Sacred Obligation to One Orca

The Totem Pole Journey to Bring Tokitae the Orca Home

A Celebration of Two Exceptional Vegan Activist Women: Dani Rukin and Michelle Singleton

Find out how you can pre-order a copy of Gillian Walters’ illustrated children’s book, “King Zoom the Vegan Kid: Volume 1: Animals used for Food” and meet two exceptional activists who embody what it means to be Vegan; Dani Rukin and Michelle Singleton.

A Celebration of Activist Connie Spence (Vegan Batgirl) for International Women’s Day

“Vegan Batgirl” Connie Spence, a solo female activist, shares her vegan journey and what led her to create the “Vegan Batman Light”. She projects huge 75 x 75 ft. messages on the sides of buildings all across the US, from the Staples Centre in LA to a Water Tower in Oklahoma. She used Facebook Live to capture 70 projections, hundreds of conversations and thirty police interactions. Now uploaded to her YouTube channel, the videos have the feel of a reality TV series.

Celebrating Black History Month 2018

We celebrate Black History Month with two young activists who are actively working to change the world. Genesis Butler, 11, has already been recognized as the youngest person to give a TED Talk. 13-year-old Kingston is sharing his vegan message through a YouTube channel, “King Zoom the Vegan Kid”.

Changing the Narrative: Sadie Parr Dispels The Myth of the Big Bad Wolf, and Animal Rights Musician Jason Oliver

A feature interview with Sadie Parr, Executive Director of the organization Wolf Awareness, plus an interview with animal rights composer and musician Jason Oliver.

Casey Taft, PhD: Understanding Behavioural Change for Vegan Communication

A feature interview with author and PhD Casey Taft on Understanding Motivations for Change Towards the Animals.