Vegan Freegans Amanda Barker and John Sakars

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Direct Action Everywhere, Berkeley California hosted its fifth conference, this time collaborating with the Save Movement and Anonymous for the Voiceless. Attendance doubled from last year’s conference. 1200 activists from all corners of the world participated in a week-long conference which included history being made. Animal Voices hosts Gillian Walters and Alison Cole attended and will talk about their experience.

Vegan Freegans Amanda Barker and John Sakars spread their Vegan message on a hitchhiking journey across Canada and the United States

Amanda started intentionally living without money in July 2017 and John has been living a minimalist lifestyle for three years. On this show, we hear how their vegan journeys crossed and how they embraced freeganism on a hitchhiking journey through Canada.







Amanda Barker is a Freegan, Yogi, Practitioner of Non Violent Communication, Animal Rights Chalktivist and Contributionist.










John Sakars is an artist, musician, activist, and contributionist. Online, he is active on YouTube and Facebook.


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