Changing the Narrative: Sadie Parr Dispels The Myth of the Big Bad Wolf, and Animal Rights Musician Jason Oliver

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Earlier this week, Green Party leader Elizabeth May posted this article and video from Fortune Magazine that describes the plant-based “Impossible Burger” as being the next innovation to fight greenhouse gas emissions. Fewer cows means less methane released into the atmosphere. We discuss our thoughts on this article and the reader comments that followed – many of them rather  negative!

Sadie Parr, Dispelling the Myth of the Big Bad Wolf

Animal Voices host Gillian originally met Sadie Parr, Executive Director of Wolf Awareness, last September when she was receiving the Clement award for Outstanding Advocacy. Gillian was immediately captivated by her passion and extensive knowledge of our Canis Lupus, BC ’s grey wolf.  During their conversation, she realized that the plight of BC’s wolves and Canada’s wolves in general are not getting the media attention that they deserve, and we wondered how much the long held negative narrative about the wolf was contributing to the issue being absent.

Join us for an interview with Sadie to discuss her wolf and large carnivore conservation.

Parr is active in campaigns in Western Canada to end wild canid bounty programs and wolf reduction experiments, alternatively promoting compassionate conservation and wildlife management based upon a foundation of ethics as well as sound science and ecology.

Much of Parr’s work involves providing accurate information and public education regarding wolf biology and behaviour, and focuses on solution-oriented and non-lethal methods of coexistence and coflourishing where people and natural predators overlap.


Introducing Jason Oliver and his newly released music album: Protest Songs, Volume 1

Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Jason Oliver is a social justice activist, musician and singer/songwriter based in Berkeley, California. His new music album, Protests songs volume 1 was just released.

He joins us live from Berkeley to discuss his vegan journey, open rescue with Direct Action Everywhere and his passion for music.

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