Ditching Dairy and Embracing Plant Milks with Olympic Silver Medalist Dotsie Bausch, and Former Undercover Investigator Geoff Regier

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To start this dairy-themed show, we chat about some of our favourite ways of making decadent and delicious plant-based dairy alternatives in the kitchen, such as nut cheeses and yogurts, ice cream, and coconut whipped cream!

Also, breaking news! The Vancouver Aquarium will no longer keep dolphins and whales in captivity! Director of the film Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered Gary Charbonneau joins us for a quick interview to share his thoughts on this latest victory for the animals.

Geoff Regier, local activist and former undercover investigator, on the Rescue Story of Two Dairy Calves

One of the dairy calves, still at the farm in Langley.

For our first interview, we welcome back local animal advocate Geoff Regier. A former undercover investigator for the organization Mercy for Animals, Geoff is now based in Vancouver where he dedicates his time to advocating for animals, and educating the public on multiple issues that surround the abuse of animals and our consumption of them. (For our former interview with Geoff disclosing his work with MFA, please visit here.)

In the past 3 weeks, Geoff has been involved in a rescue effort of several nursing dairy calves that he found neglected on a hobby farm in Langley, suffering from pneumonia and on the brink of death. Two have already died, and Geoff is actively trying to rehome the remaining two to a place where they will be able to live out the rest of their lives in peace.

In this interview, Geoff tells us the story of these dairy calves, and what he wants our listeners to know about the dairy industry and how it tears apart these innocent baby animals from their mothers so that humans can consume their milk.


Dotsie Bausch, Vegan Olympic Silver Medalist and Founder of Compassion Champs

Our feature interview is with Dotsie Bausch. She is the founder of the non-profit animal protection organization called Compassion Champs, as well as a plant-based cycling athlete who won an Olympic silver medal in 2012, is an 8-time U.S. National Champion, a former world record holder, and a two-time Pan American gold medal winner.

Compassion Champs is based out of California, and seeks to educate audiences worldwide on the immense, widespread suffering of animals every year in our industrial food industry. It encourages a planet-friendly, health-centered and compassionate way of eating, and their goal is to create a global movement of athletes, champions and visionaries who believe compassion can co-exist with their nutrition plan.

In this interview, Dotsie speaks with us about the #PlantMilkChallenge 2018, which is happening this week until January 20th, and how she seeks to inspire the next generation of Compassionate Champions.

She also tells us about her campaign to help Olympic athletes drop their meat and dairy sponsorships and align with plant-based ones.

Plus, the highly anticipated film by Louis Psihoyos and James Cameron called The Game Changers d├ębuts this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, and Dotsie tells us about her involvement as a part of this film!

Check out this short video clip, in which Dotsie explains the mission of Compassion Champs:

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