A Horse of a Different Colour: Victoria, BC Activists Jordan Reichert and Rob Carruthers

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Jordan Reichert, Animal Protection Party of Canada

In our first interview, we speak with Vancouver Island activist and politician Jordan Reichert. Jordan is the West Coast Campaign Officer for the Animal Protection Party of Canada. He discusses the ongoing battle to put a stop to the so-called “tradition” of horse-drawn carriage tours in Victoria, B.C.
We talk to Jordan about the ongoing activism around this issue, how this practice affects the horses who are involved, and what the plan is moving forward to continue to fight for these horses.

We also talk to Jordan about how he found his passion when it comes to animal rights.

Rob Carruthers, Vegan Single Dad

Our Co-Producer, Jen Dobell met today’s guest, Rob Carruthers on Tinder – a dating app that she uses for animal rights activism (“Tindervism”). Rob is a 33-year-old single vegan father to three children and a certified journeyman and foreman in the trades.  He has been vegan for two years and is now becoming an animal rights activist despite his busy schedule.

Rob grew up in a family that hunted and fished. Although initially uncomfortable with killing animals, he eventually gave in to the pressure to be “tough” and hardened to their suffering.  In this interview, Rob explains how he uncovered the compassion that lay buried within him. Working in a blue-collar environment, Rob’s colleagues tend to be resistant to the idea of a vegan lifestyle, but he represents veganism in a positive way at work by being fit, healthy, and full of energy.

Join us for a discussion about Rob’s challenges and triumphs in co-parenting, dating, interacting with the parents of his kids’ friends, and becoming an activist.

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