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Activist Brian Brown on Promoting Veganism Over Vegetarianism and Abolitionism Versus Welfarism

Choosing honesty and ethical consistency in our activism messaging.

Lawyer Anna Pippus on Documenting and Reporting Animal Cruelty

Get inspired with strategies to be a more effective activist, gain expert advice on using the law to defend animals, and learn how to effectively put animal rights violations in the media spotlight.

A Celebration of Activist Connie Spence (Vegan Batgirl) for International Women’s Day

“Vegan Batgirl” Connie Spence, a solo female activist, shares her vegan journey and what led her to create the “Vegan Batman Light”. She projects huge 75 x 75 ft. messages on the sides of buildings all across the US, from the Staples Centre in LA to a Water Tower in Oklahoma. She used Facebook Live to capture 70 projections, hundreds of conversations and thirty police interactions. Now uploaded to her YouTube channel, the videos have the feel of a reality TV series.

New Year’s Special: Becoming an Activist, with Roy Sasano

Easy ways to advocate for animals in 2018, featuring activist Roy Sasano.

What Animal Rights Activists Want You To Know, and The Psychology of Change

The downside of animal rights activism and why people react defensively.

Vegan Triathlete Dominick Thompson and Former MFA Undercover Investigator Geoff Regier

Feature interviews with Mercy For Animals’ former Undercover Investigator, Geoff Regier, and Vegan Vriathlete Dominick Thompson on how he makes huge muscle gains on a compassionate diet.

Bill S-203 Senate Hearings and Using Humour and Creativity For Animal Rights Advocacy

Creative ways to spread messages of compassion and senate hearings for Bill S-203

New Year’s Resolutions That Benefit Animals

Get inspired by two vegan activists who are changing the world!

Piebird Farm Sanctuary and Empowering Nonhuman Activists

We speak with Sherry and Yan of Piebird Farm Sanctuary about “vegansteading” and their animal friends. We also chat with Darren Chang about nonhumans joining us in the fight for their liberation.

Taking Action & Building Community. Bill C-51, Zoo Protest, and Vancouver Island Vegan Association

Why should animal defenders care about the proposed anti-terrorism bill (C-51)? We speak with a concerned citizen about her views on the matter. We also welcome the Vancouver Island Vegan Association to the west coast scene, and hear clips from last week’s protest at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.