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Personal Trainer, Karina Inkster and her Unique Form of Vegan Activism

Karina Inkster, Personal Trainer

Karina Inkster, Personal Trainer

Meet a Vancouver-based personal trainer with a compassionate mission: to inspire her clients to get heathy and strong without harming animals.  Most vegans are BEYOND tired of the question “where do you get your protein?” In today’s show, Karina will tell us where she gets her protein and we will also learn  about her new (and totally free!) online vegan program.

Karina has a Master’s degree in Gerontology, specializing in health and aging. She works with vegans and vegetarians – and those interested in becoming plant-based. She has been vegan since 2003 and vegetarian since 1998.

Karina also specializes in training women who want to get serious about lifting weights. As founder and leader of the Vancouver Women’s Weight Lifting Group, she hosts monthly workshops for women who have had no previous experience with lifting have fallen in love with it and are getting “mind-blowing strength, mental and aesthetic results” along the way.

The success does’t stop there… Karina is also the author of two written books and two e-books, the creator of two online courses, and a regular writer for the online magazine

You can find more info about Karina on her website and if you are interested in her free 10 day online program for new vegans, sign up here.

Local Vegan Activist Aims to Inspire Others to Become More Involved in Activism

langleyadvancepigRebecca Abbott decided to go vegan in early 2016. She then heard about Anita Krajnc and the world-famous “pig trial” which really intrigued her, so she began following various “Save” movements on Facebook. Two months ago, Anita posted on Facebook about wanting people to start their own “Save” group, so Rebecca stepped up to the plate! Less than a week later, she was skyping with Anita who helped with funding to get signs. The first vigil was on December 11th, and a reporter from the Langley Advance showed up and even wrote a story on the group.

Rebecca is “truly disgusted by how animals, especially farm animals are treated” and says she used to do anti-poverty activism when she was in university, which was “grass roots” direct action in nature, so when she realized that she could do some serious activism in the public for animal rights using this experience, she felt compelled to.

Rebecca had her first child in 2012, and now has a four-year old and a one-year old. Feeling that she lost a lot of herself after having kids and being a stay-at -home mom, she didn’t have many outlets or hobbies outside of this. Doing activism is becoming a part of the family now, bringing at least one of the kids, if not both, to events. She also works closely with the Surrey Chicken Save and has been doing many demonstrations over the holidays at Costco (regarding holiday dinners, turkey, pork, etc).  The “Save” movement is exploding worldwide and a really big year is in the works for animal liberation activism in 2017.

“I just love the idea of creating glass walls on those slaughter houses. We need to remind people that they aren’t just eating a meal, they’re eating an animal that was mistreated for its entire life, just to be killed. The Save Movement uses a love-based approach, with inspiration from Tolstoy and Gandhi. It’s truly exciting!! There are over 100 save groups world wide now” – Rebecca Abbott


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