It’s Veganuary Again! Becoming Vegan For 2017

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Make a Compassionate New Year’s Resolution – Go Vegan!

Chris Dawe with Geoff Regier, the former undercover investigator who “veganized” him, doing TV outreach for animals.

Veganuary” is a great opportunity to create some New Year’s resolutions that will benefit not only one’s health, but also their heart and soul. Some people go vegan for the month, and some go vegan for good. There is so much support out there for soon-to-be vegans, and with Veganuary gaining popularity, it’s a perfect time to go vegan, as so many others are transitioning to a more compassionate way of living.

On today’s show, we interview 2 people who have been inspired to go vegan. Chris Dawe, who gained his inspiration from meeting an activist at a local Vegan Outreach event, where an audio-visual presentation and leafletting was taking place. Chris spoke with an activist about the videos being shown of undercover footage obtained by Mercy For Animals on Canadian factory farms. Chris was so inspired by this unique form of advocacy that he has joined the activists and assisted with leafletting on occasion.

Taryn Brucksaw, a Vancouver local, plans to go vegan from her current pescatarian lifestyle. She joins us for an interview about why she has made this decision, and we also discuss a recent study about the pharmaceutical drugs, toxins and even cocaine found in the wild salmon of Puget Sound. Many people think that fish is a healthy choice, and often choose to eliminate all animal products except fish for this reason. Thankfully, we are becoming more aware of the toxins which are contained in the flesh of the “seafood” from our polluted waters.

This is a great show for anyone who has the desire to go vegan as their New Year’s resolution! We will recommend restaurants, books and documentaries to help you, as well as websites to ensure that you are fully educated and inspired!


For any of you who need answers to all the common “yeah, but…” arguments against veganism, check out Vegan Sidekick’s cartoons and FAQs here.




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