VXV: The Vegan Straight Edge Show

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This episode is dedicated to the vegan straight edge movement. “Straight edge” is a sub-culture of people who choose not to drink alcohol, take recreational drugs, smoke, or participate in other potentially addictive or harmful activities. The growing vegan straight edge movement has big name proponents like Rise Against and Earth Crisis, while still fostering a growing community of local activists around the world.

We will be featuring two Vancouver-based straight edge bands: Sex Detectives Duh, and Open Letters. We interviewed Sex Detectives Duh about the scene in Vancouver, the vegan straight edge movement, and why so many young people are helping animals and changing their lifestyles. Part activist profile and part music compilation, this show is not to be missed for anyone interested in alternative lifestyles.

8 Bit Balloons with Contact Mics and Drums from Sex Detectives on Vimeo.

This episode aired live on May 9th, 2014 from Noon to 1PM PST on coopradio.org.

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