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The Mother’s Day Show: The Deceptions of the Dairy Industry, and Stories of Love at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary

The Mother’s Day Show: author Alissa Hamilton on Deceptions of the Dairy Industry, and Pam Ahern, founder of Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, sharing stories of love and rescue and of the mother-child bond.

VXV: The Vegan Straight Edge Show

This episode is dedicated to the vegan straight edge movement. We will be featuring and interviewing two Vancouver-based straight edge bands: Sex Detectives Duh, and Open Letters.

Will Tuttle and The World Peace Diet (part 2)

In this episode, I give a review of Vancouver’s newest vegan restaurant, The Loving Hut; Joanne talks about the Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon campaign; I present Travel Tips and Recommendations for Compassionate Eating in Seattle; and a 2nd interview with Dr. Will Tuttle of The World Peace Diet, who answers scrutinizing questions on if fish feel pain, Christianity’s views on the treatment of animals, why cow’s milk is toxic to humans, and more.