Through Her Eyes: Mothers and Milk Production; & Janet Olson, A Better Life Dog Rescue, and Ban Resident Dogs

To start this episode, Alissa and Aylon share with us reviews of two films which pose questions about modern day meat consumption which were featured at this week’s DOXA Documentary Festival in Vancouver: a Belgian film called LoveMEATender, and a short from Australia entitled Murder Mouth.

You can view the trailers for both of these films here!

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Through Her Eyes: Mothers and Milk Production

In honour of Mother’s Day, this week we continue the discussion we had on April 27th and delve deeper into the emotional toll on animals farmed for their milk.

A mammal has to be pregnant to induce lactation, and cows, despite popular opinion, are certainly no exception. A cow’s gestation period is nearly 9 months, just like a human female’s. What is it like for the unfortunate cows bred into the dairy industry? Alissa honours these gentle beings by sharing powerful stories of the continuous heartbreak of mother cows.

To learn more about this issue, and to help spread the word, please visit the Cow Ribbon campaign.

Please watch this video called Milk Comes From Grieving Mothers:

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Janet Olson, A Better Life Dog Rescue, and Ban Resident Dogs

Our feature interview is with Janet Olson, founder of the local non-profit organization called A Better Life Dog Rescue. Founded in 2006, A Better Life Dog Rescue has rescued and rehomed over a thousand dogs to date. Many of the dogs are found as strays or abandoned at vets, kennels, rental properties and drug houses, and many were due to be euthanized at kill shelters. They have rescued sled dogs who were left on their chains to starve to death, as well as  have taken in puppymill dogs who have been bred nearly to death. In addition, many dogs are surrendered to A Better Life by families no longer able to care for them.

You may be familiar with some of Jan’s work, as she has made the headlines and is currently facing numerous charges for rescuing abused dogs. She has most recently founded the organization called Ban Resident Dogs, whose goal is to ban dogs living outside the home rather than inside with their families. She speaks with us to tell us about her campaign focussed towards our local communities to get dogs off chains in backyards, plus to tell her side of the story regarding the charges she is facing in what the authorities are calling “animal theft”  and what she calls “animal rescue”.

Listen to this show here.

We concluded today’s show with an excellent song called The Truth About Dairy Cows by Jonathan Mann.

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