Tag: Easter

Encore Show: Interview with Founder of Rabbitats Rescue Society on Feral Rabbits and the Ongoing Fight to Save Through Humane Rescue and Micro-Sanctuaries

A Small Brown Bunny chews some crisp green leaf lettuce off the ground as a human squats down behind them offering lettuce to a different bunny

Feature interview with Sorelle Campbell, founder and Executive Director of Rabbitats Rescue, on the plight of the bunnies.

Celebrating National Ferret Day and a Compassionate Easter

Featuring an interview with Lisa Galarneau of the Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa.

Easter Eggs, Fairy Tales, and a review of Vegan Secret Supper

On today’s show we discuss eggs & the meaning of Easter, animal cruelty in fairy tales, and we offer a review of the brand new Vegan Secret Supper book.

Canadian Coalition Against Animal Research and Experimentation (CCAARE), Vegan for Earth Day, and Easter bunnies

Feature interview with Brian Vincent of the Canadian Coalition Against Animal Research and Experimentation (CCAARE) which was just announced in light of this being World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week. Carissa shares some Earth Day reasons to go vegan, we talk about the VegNews photo scandal, and who could forget the Easter bunny!