Encore Show: Interview with Founder of Rabbitats Rescue Society on Feral Rabbits and the Ongoing Fight to Save Through Humane Rescue and Micro-Sanctuaries

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This show will broadcast on Friday, April 15th, 2022 from Noon to 1pm PST at 100.5fm CFRO and via live internet streaming at coopradio.org  It can also be listened to here (above), so please enjoy!

This week’s show features an interview with Sorelle Campbell, founder and executive director of Rabbitats Rescue Society. Sorelle shares with us the essential work that Rabbitats does in caring for abandoned and feral rabbits who have been neglected by humans. In addition to learning about the plight of rabbits in our greater community, learn about how Rabbitats got started and how it best serves these rabbits and finds them forever homes. Our show also highlights a news feature on Lolita, a captive orca who has been at Seaquarium for 50 years, and some local upcoming events.

Feature Interview with Sorelle Campbell, Founder and Executive Director of Rabbitats Rescue Society

A white woman with short brown hair stands in front of a fenced off area for bunnies, holding a fluffy white bunny in her arms
Sorelle Campbell, founder of Rabbitats Rescue Society
Our feature interview is with Sorelle Campbell, founder and executive director of Rabbitats Rescue Society, a registered charity that rescues feral and abandoned rabbits, pays for veterinary care, finds good homes and creates sanctuaries. This interview is urgent, because Rabbitats has put out a call out for builders and labourers in Richmond, Surrey/Delta and (eventually) Langley, BC. Seeing as though they have a small budget to build large enclosures and support their rescues, they rely on volunteers to get the work done. “Rabbitats” are in effect micro-sanctuary enclosures designed escape-proof, predator-proof, visually pleasing, gently interactive, sustainable and low maintenance. They can be indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two with the designs, sizes and capacities depending on land and/or building dimensions and layout, area predators, natural vegetation, available materials and the budget. Rabbitats are hosted by a plethora of different folks and groups, including green businesses, such as garden centers and farm markets, animal shelters and rescues, community spaces, institutions and programs as well as private homes of community members. Are you interested in hosting a micro-sanctuary in your home? Click this link!

Example of a Rabbitats structure.

Rabbitats is Seeking Help with Tasks including the construction of:

– Sheds, coops and runs

– Houses, benches, hay feeders and furniture

– Fenced enclosures

Tools and materials can be provided.

We can’t pay market rates but in some cases we can cover expenses, pay honorariums and/or issue tax receipts.

We need you! The bunnies are homeless! Please email volunteer@rabbitats.org. Please share! Donate Here

News Feature: Lolita the Orca, Captive at Seaquarium for 50 Years

A picture of captive orca, Lolita, in her tank at Miami Seaquarium with her head above water.
Lolita in her tank at Seaquarium where she has spent the past 51 years.
In addition to our feature interview, we highlighted a news story on the 50th anniversary since captive orca, Lolita, or Tokitae, was stolen from her home waters in the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwestern Coast here on Turtle Island. This NY Daily News Article explains how it is not too late to do right by Lolita and have her returned to a seaside sanctuary where she could possibly reconnect with her family, live more freely while still being monitored for her safety. You can take action for Lolita by sending an email to Miami Seaquarium and Marineland Antibes with a template from Peta. Check out our two shows on the Near Extinction of Southern Resident Orcas like Lolita & Orcas and Wild Salmons. Show hosted and produced by Leah Thompson & Grace Wampold, web content written by Leah Thompson.