Marine Biologist Alexandra Morton on Fish Farms, Wild Salmon and the Southern Resident Orcas, and Zoe Peled on the Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre

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It’s our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, and to start this show, we discuss our love for turkeys, and the sad irony that is displayed in our society when coming together to celebrate over a dead corpse. Every year, almost 10 million turkeys are raised in Canada, and they experience a plenitude of misery and suffering to become the center piece of what is supposed to be an event of celebration and gratitude. Let’s celebrate a compassionate Thanksgiving this weekend by showing love to turkeys. And remember – compassion begins on your plate!

Alexandra Morton Explains the Connection Between Fish Farms, Wild Salmon Population Decline and our Starving Southern Resident Orcas

Our oceans are in trouble and we urgently need public pressure for the government to take action.

Fish farms are breeding grounds for disease that threaten our wild salmon, and in turn this is harming Southern Resident orca whales whose diet consists mainly of Chinook salmon. On top of this, whales and other sea life are affected by increased tanker traffic, and pollution.

The southern resident orca whales, whose migration route passes through 120 salmon farms, represent the smallest of four resident communities within the Northeastern portion of North America. It is the only orca population listed under the Endangered Species Act by the National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The National Marine Fisheries Service listed this distinct population segment of killer whales as endangered, effective in 2006, under the Endangered Species ActIn Canada the SROW are listed as endangered on Species at Risk Act Schedule 1. They are commonly referred to as the “orcas of the Salish Sea”, “fish-eating orcas”, or the “SRK(Killer)W” population, although animal rights activists prefer orca to “killer whale”.

The world’s oldest known killer whale, Granny or J2, had belonged to and led the J pod of the SRKW population. As of October 2016, she is missing and presumed deceased. J2 was estimated to have been born around 1911, which means she would have been 105 years old at the time of her death, and the oldest known Orca to date. On July 24, 2018, the first calf born in three years tragically died after being alive for only half an hour. The mother, J-35, proceeded to carry the calf upon her head in mourning for an unprecedented 17 days after the calf’s death, which gained international media attention.

On today’s show, a 40-year veteran of whale and salmon research, marine biologist, author, and activist Alexandra Morton teaches us about the connection between our wild salmon and starving orcas, the problem with fish farms, and gives us a call to action to help them all. Please sign this petition and contact Premiere John Horgan here.

Watch Salmon Confidential to learn more about salmon farms here.

Local Activist Zoe Peled on the New Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre

Veganism is going mainstream, and Vancouver has a pretty dedicated crew of outspoken animal rights activists who dedicate every weekend to getting out into the public to educate others about what is happening to animals behind closed doors.

Mount Pleasant’s newest pop-up shop, Little Mountain Shop, will be hosting the new Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre, where new or wanna-be vegans can get information on everything they need to know to live a more compassionate lifestyle. Events will be hosted there from Oct 4-8th so do check it out and bring your non-vegan friends! More info on Facebook: “Little Mountain Shop  Vegan Pop-Up“.

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