Kula Foods: Asha Wheeldon and Jessica Fyffe Serve Up Afro-Vegan Love

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We open this show with a discussion of zero-waste vegan living, plus a new study published in the journalĀ NatureĀ calling for a “huge reduction” in meat and dairy consumption to avoid climate catastrophe.

Kula Foods: Afro-Vegan Deliciousness

Jessica Fyffe (left) and Asha Wheeldon join us in the studio to talk about their business, Kula Foods, which launched earlier this year. Wheeldon, who hails from northern Kenya, and Fyffe, who has Jamaican roots, have joined forces to create delicious plant-based foods drawing on the culinary traditions of their own cultures and families. They can currently be found selling their wares at their booth at Vancouver farmer’s markets and hosting occasional community dining events in partnership with The Juice Truck.

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