Easter Eggs, Fairy Tales, and a review of Vegan Secret Supper

Here’s this week’s show:

Spring is in the air and we’re taking a bit of a break from the regular interview format. Today we fill you in on what we’ve been up to over the last week and offer our thoughts on the latest vegan news and animal headlines.

On this episode we talk about eggs and discuss the history of Easter, and Alison shares about her recent trip to Seattle’s Vegfest. Jenni talks about animals in fairy tales and shares a bit about her experiences teaching kids at a spring break camp. We say goodbye to Jenni after this show (at least for a few months) because she’s on to New York for her internship with Mercy for Animals.

Tim offers his thoughtful review of Mérida Anderson’s stunning new book Vegan Secret Supper: Bold & Elegant Menus from a Rogue Kitchen. Chef Mérida, who hails from North Vancouver, has spent the last few years in New York and now bases her supper events in Montreal.

If you place an online order for the Vegan Secret Supper book (or anything else) from Sarah’s Place on you can help local vegan superstar Sarah Kramer, author of How it All Vegan, The Garden of Vegan and more.

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