Steve Hindi, SHARK, on Pigeon Shooting; & Dr. Olivier Berreville, International Network for Humane Education

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On today’s show, Alison does a review of the Vegan Mashup cooking series, and of a new chain of veg-friendly eateries in town: Freshii.

Steve Hindi, SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness)

For our feature interview, we chat with Steve Hindi from SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) about the pigeon shooting that is taking place in Pennsylvania, and the story of SHARK and its other campaigns and victories.

As a “sportsman,” Steve hunted many species of animals both on land and in the sea. He killed for thirty years until the life-shattering day in 1989 when, en route to a shark hunting trip in the Atlantic Ocean, he attended the infamous Hegins Labor Day pigeon shoot in Pennsylvania.

The slaughter of thousands of non-human victims, and the involvement of children in the horrific killings, was too much for him to tolerate. He vowed to stop pigeon shoots, and went on to dedicate his life to ending the abuse of all animals.  Compassion, not killing, became his life goal.

Almost single handedly, he stopped Illinois pigeon shoots, and rallied national support against the Hegins pigeon shoot. He went to pigeon shoots all over Pennsylvania, and graphically video documented the abuse. Pennsylvania courts are now dealing with pigeon shoots, with his documentation as part of the evidence in the case.  Legislation is pending to ban pigeon shoots and his footage has been used to encourage passage (although the bill is dying).

As the founder of Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), Steve’s organization has been documenting and exposing pigeon shoots,  rodeos, hunting, bullfights, government deer kills and other forms of animal abuse since 1993.  SHARK has dedicated supporters around the globe.

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Dr. Olivier Berreville, International Network for Humane Education

Also, we share our interview with Dr. Olivier Berreville. Dr. Olivier Berreville  holds a PhD in Biology from Dalhousie University, and has been involved with various non-profit animal protection organizations for more than 12 years. He is currently the Scientific Advisor for Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals and the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.  He has been the Canadian National Contact for the International Network for Humane Education (Interniche) since 2003, assisting science students learn in their chosen field without harming animals.


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