Canadian Coalition Against Animal Research and Experimentation (CCAARE), Vegan for Earth Day, and Easter bunnies

This Earth Day Carissa shares with us some reasons why a vegan diet is the environmentally sound choice, with excerpts from Rex Bowlby’s “Plant Roots: 101 Reasons Why the Human Diet is Rooted Exclusively in Plants.”

We also take a look at the aftermath of’s exposé of VegNews Magazine’s use of photos from, which were meat and dairy based, but said to be vegan – with some good news from the vegan community.

In honour of this being World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week, our feature interview today is with Brian Vincent, Co-Director of the recently announced Canadian Coalition Against Animal Research and Experimentation (CCAARE) which includes the Animal Alliance of Canada, Calgary Animal Rights Effort, Stop Animal Testing at Dalhousie University, and Stop UBC Animal Research among many others – is the first of its kind in Canada. Brian is also the Director of Stop UBC Animal Research.

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