Shiri Joshua, Animal Spirituality & the Human-Animal Bond, and Voting for the Animals this Federal Election

We start this episode by announcing another book giveaway contest! We are giving away a copy of “The Animals’ Messenger: A Tale of Truth and Purpose” by Shiri Joshua, who is today’s featured guest interview. Congratulations to Shawna Hamilton, the winner of this book!

Carissa and Alison both had the pleasure and the honour of attending celebrity vegan chef Tal Ronnen’s cooking demonstration at the Whole Foods Market in West Vancouver yesterday. For his audience, Tal made the most delicious asparagus cream soup and veggie/Gardein stir fry, and we chat about the titillating experience of savouring these culinary delights!

Voting for the Animals

Featuring guest panelist Glenn Gaetz of the local non-profit animal rights organization Liberation BC, we host a discussion panel on voting for the interests of the animals in the upcoming Canadian federal election this May 2nd. Will you be unlike the majority of Canadians and cast your vote next week to make your voice heard? The World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA) has created a very helpful website called Vote For, which displays the responses from the major political parties to a survey that WSPA sent to each of them to respond to with specific questions on how they each plan to work on animal protection issues and their positions on these important issues. We discuss these responses and our impressions of them.

Shiri Joshua, S.O.U.L. Academy, on Animal Spirituality and the Human-Animal Bond

This episode’s feature interview is with Shiri Joshua, who is a spiritual speaker, teacher, and clinical psychologist who specializes in the human-animal kinship and pet loss grief healing. She is the founder and creator of S.O.U.L. Academy: School of Compassion based in Vancouver. S.O.U.L. Academy’s mission is to examine wisdom offered by our kinship with animals and to translate these lessons back to our own human community as our sacred service.

In addition, Shiri is also the author of the new book called “The Animals’ Messenger: A Tale of Truth and Purpose”, which is launching this weekend at the Petnership Project Holistic Wellness Pet Show in Vancouver. Shiri speaks with us about the human-animal bond, pet loss and grieving, and animal spirituality. And remember, there is a chance to win a copy of this book on this show!

Here is a video clip of one of Shiri’s speaking lectures on dealing with pet loss:

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