Geoff Urton of the BC SPCA on renting with pets, Adrian Nelson of Fur-Bearer Defenders on the election, and Striking at the Roots Review

In the wake of the upsetting Federal Election results this past Monday night, we discuss with Adrian Nelson of Fur-Bearer Defenders what this post-election political landscape means for animals in Canada.

Alison gives us a review of the book Striking at the Roots by Mark Hawthorne to prepare everyone for her interview with him next week. Mark will be at Nice Shoes on Saturday, May 21st from 2pm-5pm for a book signing, so be sure to mark that on your calendar!

Our feature interview today is with Geoff Urton, Animal Welfare Manager of the BC SPCA about pets in rental housing, and why renters with pets should actually be preferred! Learn all you need to know before your next move or co-habitation with a companion animal, and for landlords what the perks of renters with pets can be.

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