Celebrating National Ferret Day and a Compassionate Easter

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To start the show, Alison tells us a story about the cruelty of glue traps for mice and rats. The Vancouver Humane Society is urging four of Canada’s largest retailers to stop selling these traps which cause extreme animal suffering. Please write to Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, Rona, and The Home Depot to ask them to stop selling glue traps! And you can visit here to find an info sheet on the subject, as published by the BCSPCA.

Compassionate Easter

We discuss some of the problematic ways in which nonhuman animals are used around Easter time, and some strategies for celebrating more compassionately.



Lisa Galarneau, Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa

Our feature interview is with Lisa Galarneau, Intake Director of the Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa. Lisa has been doing ferret rescue and rehabilitation for over a decade, and shares some of her knowledge and experience with us.

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