Earth Day 2020 Show: Understanding Zoonotic Diseases and the Spread of COVID-19 and Pandemics, with Dr. Aysha Akhtar

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This show is dedicated to Earth Day, which takes place on April 22nd.

Welcome to our annual Earth Day show!

Once again, we are broadcasting remotely from our homes, as the radio station is closed to human-beings, due to the pandemic. In recent news, we’ve been hearing about farmers in both the U.S. and Canada disposing of thousands of liters of cow’s milk, since most restaurants are closed down and so human demand for cow’s milk has drastically decreased. Millions of chickens’ eggs (also produced for human consumption) are being thrown out as well. The animals have already been forced to produce these lactations and reproductive products, as the massive drop in the market was not expected.

To start this show, we discuss the implications of wasted milk as a result of COVID-19 – milk that actually is made for the calves who have already been torn away from their mothers at age 1 day old.

Dr. Aysha Akhtar on Zoonotic Diseases, the Development of Vaccines, and What to Expect in the Future Months and Years to Come in Our Global Pandemic

For our feature interview, for Earth Day, we have Dr. Aysha Akhtar on the show. Dr. Akhtar is a double Board-certified neurologist and preventive medicine/public health specialist. She also serves as the CEO of the Centre for Contemporary Sciences, based in Washington, DC. Its goal is to end animal experimentation in 30 years and replace it with much more effective human-based technologies. She also serves as a fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

Dr. Akhtar has authored the book, Animals and Public Health: Why Treating Animals Better is Critical to Human Welfare, which examines how the treatment of animals impact human health. In her Ted X Talk, Dr. Akhtar discusses how treating animals better is not only good for the animals, but also good for humans.

Dr. Akhtar has spoken and written extensively on the connection between animal protection and human health, and in this detailed interview, she explains the nature of zoonotic (animal-borne) diseases, pandemics, and the outbreak of the coronavirus known as COVID-19 that is taking over life in the world as we know it these days. We also learn how the vaccine for COVID-19 will be developed, and what impacts and results we can expect in the months and years to come, in the journey of this global disaster. This interview shares relevant scientific knowledge about this coronavirus, and the way it is spread, that you will have not heard reported in any mainstream media radio or television shows.

You can watch Dr. Akhtar’s Ted X talk here, entitled “Do animals hold the key to your health?”:

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“Lockdown”, by Jenny McQueen

To close this show, for Earth Day and in accompaniment with the theme of zoonotic diseases and pandemics, we present to you A Vegan Poetry Jam by Toronto-based animal activist Jenny McQueen. This was a challenge from Jane Unchained News as part of National Poetry Month, and this poem, authored and performed by Jenny is entitled “Lockdown”. We thank Jenny for producing a special edition of this original poem for this week’s Animal Voices Earth Day show.

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