Earth Day 2017 – Perspectives From a First Nations Activist and a Climate Communicator

Climate Communicator Michael Shumlich on the Impact of Animal Agriculture on Our Earth

Michael Shumlich

Michael Shumlich. Photo credit: Brodie Frehlich

Victoria-based animal rights advocate Michael Shumlich joins us for a discussion about the impact of our food choices (animal agriculture) on the earth. Michael offers a wealth of information, holding a BSc in physics and an MSc in atmospheric science from the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria, where he was a member of the UVic Climate Modelling Group. He currently works for the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium doing science communication. Join us for discussion about the state of our environment today, and what you can do to reduce your impact on the earth just by going vegan and spreading the vegan message to others. For those who are already vegan activists, today’s interview may offer you some new speaking points from the perspective of the environmental argument for veganism.


Activist Shirley Samples Offers a First Nations’ Perspective on the Environment


Shirley Samples, far left, protests at the Kinder Morgan Oil Refinery

Shirley Samples, far left, protests at the Kinder Morgan Oil Refinery

Vancouver-based Shirley Samples is a full-time activist for environmental issues, First Nations’ rights and climate change. In 2013, she founded the organization “We Love This Coast”  to stop the expansion of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. Shirley and her group are tireless in speaking up for the environment and all the creatures who cannot speak for themselves. In today’s interview, Shirley brings awareness to the struggle of her people, and how their lands are so impacted by the decisions being made by governments. Shirley’s Mother was from Cooks Ferry First Nations near Lytton BC, so her perspective is a valuable and unique one for today’s show. We will discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s environmental policies, animal agriculture’s impact on the environment and Shirley will highlight a few topics that she thinks more Canadians need to pay attention to.



This show will broadcast live this Friday, April 21st, 2017 from Noon to 1pm PST at 100.5fm CFRO in Vancouver, Canada and via online internet streaming at  It will be posted here as a podcast shortly thereafter, so please do check back soon!


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