Exposing Hidden Cruelty: Vancouver Chicken Save, & World Day for Animals in Laboratories

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On this show we touch on two kinds of establishments, both involved with animal suffering that is kept strategically hidden: slaughterhouses, and animal research laboratories.

We start the show by discussing some of the ways animals are impacted by common Easter traditions. From feasting on flesh, eggs, and milk chocolate, to buying novelty “pet” rabbits, who too often end up in shelters…human celebrations are not always a party for the animals we claim to care for! Get inspired with some animal-free recipes for Easter from Veg KitchenMy Domaine, Happy Healthy Life, Oh She Glows, My Darling Vegan, or Vegan Richa.

15977994_1848772862001738_2912510140184080534_nVancouver Chicken Save

We’re joined in studio by Meghan Beattie and Mick McCann, two organizers for local advocacy group Vancouver Chicken Save. VCS meets every Saturday morning at the Hallmark Chicken Processing Plant, a slaughterhouse at Hastings St & Commercial Drive, to bear witness to – and raise awareness of – the experiences of chickens behind slaughterhouse walls. They are part of a larger movement called the Save Movement, which started in 2010 with the inception of Toronto Pig Save. There are now more than 130 Save groups active all over the world.

Toronto Pig Save has made international news in recent years after its co-founder, Anita Krajnc, was charged with mischief (facing jail time or a maximum $5,000 fine) for providing water to distressed pigs headed for slaughter during a Pig Save vigil in 2015. Her trial has shed light on the dirty secrets of the meat industry, as well as Canada’s weak and under-enforced animal welfare laws. We had Anita on the show in September, 2016, and you can listen to her interview here.


World Day for Animals in Laboratories

To honour World Day for Animals in Laboratories on April 24th, we feature an interview with Laura-Leah Shaw, president of the Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of British Columbia (ADAV). She joins us on the show to discuss how vivisection is being used today, and some of the work being done to help end the suffering of animals in laboratories.

As well as being a strong advocate for animals, Laura-Leah is also a realtor here in Vancouver, and was recently honoured with a national award celebrating the wide range of philanthropic work with which she has been involved. Read more here.

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