Anita Krajnc’s Pig Trial and the Growing “Save Movement” for Farm Animals

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Anita Krajnc gives water to pigs en-route to slaughter

The Meat Industry is Exposed Via Pig Trial

Join us for a discussion with Anita Krajnc, founder of Toronto Pig Save, and charged with mischief (facing jail time or a maximum $5,000 fine) for providing water to severely dehydrated, distressed pigs as they were headed to Fearman’s Pork Inc. slaughterhouse in Burlington in June, 2015.  Anita has the world’s sympathy and attention as the trial sheds light on the dirty secrets of the meat industry, as well as Canada’s weak and under-enforced animal welfare laws.



The PNE’s manager of agriculture, Christie Kerr.

PNE Fair’s Tradition of Animal Exploitation

A family tradition for over 100 years, attracting up to 900,000 visitors annually from all over the world and touted as wholesome family fun, the Pacific National Exhibition’s agricultural sector has always been a mainstay at the Fair, exhibiting livestock shows, animal showmanship competitions, pig-racing, and barrel-racing.

Each year, between 350 and 500 youngsters from the 4H Club bring their project animals to the fair for judging, and sometimes for sale. Animals are exposed to loud noise from music and event microphones, fear and stress from being at the centre of crowded facilities, standing on concrete floors with minimal sawdust, and often inhumanely chained to posts with little room to move around for their long days spent at the fair.

We discuss today’s relevance and morality of the 4H club’s ideals, how children are being taught to exploit animals, and the irony in the 4H Pledge: My HEAD to clearer thinking, My HEART to greater loyalty, My HANDS to larger service, My HEALTH to better living, For my Club, my Community and My Country. We also reflect upon last year’s “Direct Action Everywhere” disruption  in which the farmers became physically aggressive toward the assertive, yet non-violent animal rights advocates.


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