Social Change Makers Society, Intersectionality, and Reporting Animal Abuse in our Agricultural Industry

racism-speciesism-sexism-image“Social Change Makers” Founders Discuss Intersectionality

Join us for a discussion with Daniela Reiser and Berni Huber of Vancouver-based “Social Change Makers“. They aim to inspire animal rights advocates to expand their awareness of the relationship between oppressive treatment of animal and human suffering. Such understanding and political solidarity are vital if real advances are to be achieved in the liberation and quality of life for countless humans AND other animals.

“It is virtually impossible to view one oppression in isolation because they are all connected. They are linked by a common origin – economic power and control – and by common methods of limiting, controlling and destroying lives. There is no hierarchy of oppression. Each is terrible and destructive. To eliminate one oppression successfully, a movement has to include work to eliminate them all or else success will always be limited and incomplete”.

– Suzanne Pharr


Anna Pippus, lawyer for Animal Justice and Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy

Anna Pippus, lawyer for Animal Justice and Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy

How and Why to Report Animal Abuse in Our Agricultural Industry

We have laws that are supposed to protect animals, but they are shamefully under-enforced. Anna Pippus, lawyer from Animal Justice‘s Farmed Animal Advocacy branch, discusses the importance of bearing witness and effectively using the law to report animal abuse.

We discuss the recent SPCA investigation into Vancouver’s Hallmark Chicken Slaughterhouse, where an activist captured a photo of a hen who had been “mistakingly” put through an industrial wash cycle.  Unintentional injuries often occur at processing plants due to carelessness, speed of processing and poor design of cages or emptying methods.

If you are looking to add some tools to your activist toolbox, this highly informative legal perspective will give you hope for the farmed animals in transport, ailing captive animals in zoos and aquaria, tormented animals in rodeos, and animals caught in leg-hold traps.

This show broadcasted live on Friday, July 15th, 2016. Check back here later to listen to the podcast!

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