Adam Roberts, Elephants and the Illegal Ivory Trade; & Patricia Tallman, Vegan Co-Housing Comes to the Coast

Here’s this week’s show!

We start this episode by chatting about about the “Pay Per View” vegan outreach initiative that has been implemented on local university campuses, as recently as this week at the University of B.C. Alison helped him out a bit this week and she shares a bit of her experience as well.

And as a follow-up to our New Year’s show, in the spirit of taking pro-active steps towards our health, for the animals, we chat about a new endeavour, that we co-hosts at Animal Voices have taken on, called The Self Care Project.

Patricia Tallman, Vegan Co-Housing Comes to the Coast

Tired of being the only animal advocate on your block? BC’s own Patricia Tallman joins us in studio to talk about their proposed Vegan Co-Housing community. These experienced animal activists aim to combine communal living arrangements with an animal sanctuary right here in British Columbia. Tune in to find out all about it!

To support or get involved with the co-housing project, e-mail Patricia at

Adam Roberts, Elephants and the Illegal Ivory Trade

For our feature interview, we have Executive Vice-President of the non-profit organization Born Free USA Adam Roberts on the show with us. Born Free USA is a nationally recognized leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Through litigation, legislation, and public education, Born Free USA leads vital campaigns against animals in entertainment, exotic “pets,” trapping and fur, and the destructive international wildlife trade. One of the campaigns that Born Free is currently instigating is the campaign to end the illegal ivory trade, and Adam speaks with us about that. We ask him about the history of poaching elephants in Africa, and how it has escalated out of control in this past decade, to the point where the extinction of the elephants in the future is a very probable reality.

For more information about Born Free’s campaign, and to sign a petition to call upon governing organizations to reject any future proposals for trade in ivory and to support improved protection for elephants, please visit

And to see a really informative television news story that was broadcast just this week on the latest news about the ivory trade and a major seizure of ivory that just happening in Hong Kong last month, please watch this short video:

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