Tag: Vegan Outreach

Activist Profile: Oahu’s Kiana Mohika-Miyashiro

An inspirational journey from omnivore…to vegan…to animal rights activist on Oahu.

Paws for Hope and Vegan Outreach

A feature interview with Jevranne Martel, the Canada Outreach Co-ordinator from Vegan Outreach. Plus an interview with Kathy Powelson of the Paws for Hope Animal Foundation on their “Roxy’s Relief” program to help companion animals and their guardians facing homelessness. Also, we discuss gentrification in Vancouver’s low-income areas, and how vegan businesses can help.

The Mysterious World of Octopuses, and The Dirty on Down

Dr. Jennifer Mather on The Mysterious World of Octopuses and Octopus “Intelligence”, and The Dirty on Down: how down is produced, and alternatives to cruelty.

Adam Roberts, Elephants and the Illegal Ivory Trade; & Patricia Tallman, Vegan Co-Housing Comes to the Coast

We talk about Pay-Per-View outreach on Vancouver campuses, and The Self Care Project, plus a feature interview with Born Free USA’s Adam Roberts on Elephant Poaching and the Illegal Ivory Trade; plus an interview with local activists Jeff Regehr and Patricia Tallman on starting a Vegan Co-Housing Community.

The Animal Liberation Forum 2012, and John Oberg of Vegan Outreach

We speak with John Oberg who is visiting BC on a two week leafletting blitz with Vegan Outreach. We also highlight the upcoming Animal Liberation Forum 2012 in California.