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Brenda Sanders on Making Veganism Accessible to Black Communities and Using It to Help Overcome Race-Based Oppression

Featuring an interview with vegan food justice activist Brenda Sanders, founder and president of the Afro-Vegan Society. Also, a discussion on elephants and rhinos, as well as the various ways in which they are exploited and harmed by humans and how to resist this, to celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day and World Rhino Day.

The Elephant Show: Patricia Sims, filmmaker of “When Elephants Were Young”, and Fran Duthie of Elephanatics

September 22nd is National Elephant Appreciation Day! We present a feature interview with filmmaker Patricia Sims on the plight of the Asian elephants, and an interview with founder of the local elephant advocacy organization Elephanatics. Plus, a review of the March to Close All Slaughterhouses last week, and Virtuous Pie!

Endangered Animals Across the Globe: The Orangutan Project & The Hike to End Elephant Poaching

An interview with activist Patricia Welty on her Hike to End Elephant Poaching, plus a feature interview with Leif Cocks on The Orangutan Project. Also, farm sanctuary stories, and a fundraiser for a children’s vegan book!

The Elephant Show: Elephants in circuses, and sanctuary, & The International March for Elephants

The Elephant Show! for the International March for Elephants Day on October 4th. Interviews with Liam Cronin of Peta on circus cruelty to elephants, and Rob Brandford of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on rescuing baby elephants and the International March for Elephants.

Adam Roberts, Elephants and the Illegal Ivory Trade; & Patricia Tallman, Vegan Co-Housing Comes to the Coast

We talk about Pay-Per-View outreach on Vancouver campuses, and The Self Care Project, plus a feature interview with Born Free USA’s Adam Roberts on Elephant Poaching and the Illegal Ivory Trade; plus an interview with local activists Jeff Regehr and Patricia Tallman on starting a Vegan Co-Housing Community.