Jack Norris, Vegan Dietitian & Shelagh Begg, Hug a Bull

In this episode, Carissa discusses the dangers and illegality of driving with dogs in the back of your pick up truck.

Jack Norris on Vegan Nutrition

Joanne Interviews Jack Norris, RD about living healthfully a vegan diet.  Jack Norris is one of the co-founders of Vegan Outreach is also one of the most knowledgeable vegan nutritionists around.  He spoke with us about the importance of B12, dispels myths about soy and answers the most commonly asked questions like: Where do you get your protein?

Shelagh Begg on Pitt Bulls

Shelagh Begg is the Business Developer of the local non-profit Hug-A-Bull.  Did you know that Pitt Bulls were known as “nanny dogs” because they are so gentle with children? What about the fact that Pitt Bulls are used for dog fighting because they are so reluctant to harm humans that it is easier for handlers to deal with them than any other breed of dogs?  Listen to this interview and learn a thing or two about this most misunderstood breed of dogs.

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