Matt Ellerbeck, piranha conservationist & Mariann Sullivan, AR attorney

Matt Ellerbeck, piranha conservationist

Matt Ellerbeck is an Ontario based conservationist, animal advocate, and amateur ichthyologist who focuses his efforts on piranhas. Listen to this intriguing interview and find out about piranhas and their shy nature. While Hollywood would like you to think that piranhas are vicious man eaters, Matt paints a very different picture of these creatures. Listen and find out why you should protect piranhas and what they are really like.

Mariann Sullivan, lawyer, professor & President of Our Hen House

Mariann Sullivan is a NYC based lawyer and the current chair of the American Bar Association’s Tort Trial Insurance Practice Section’s Animal Law Committee. In her spare time she runs the non profit Our Hen House with her partner Jasmin Singer. We spoke about animal protection laws, recent farm animal welfare reforms in the US and what it really means if animals had rights.

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