Josh Hooten, Let Live AR Conference & Claudia Li, Shark Truth campaign

In this episode we discuss what you can do to help the animals affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and Proctor & Gamble’s animal testing for their products, as well as put out a call for guest co-hosts for the show. Then, an interview with Josh Hooten of the Let Live Foundation about the upcoming Let Live Animal Rights Conference in Portland, Oregon in June. And for our feature interview, we speak with Claudia Li of the organization Shark Truth, to talk about their campaigns for educating the public to stop shark fin soup.

Josh Hooten, Let Live Animal Rights Conference

Josh Hooten, of the Let Live Foundation (and also owner of the Herbivore Clothing Co.), tells us all about the annual Let Live Animal Rights Conference that is coming up soon this June 25th-27th in Portland, Oregon! This weekend conference will be bringing together animal activists from all over North America for many learning and networking opportunities, and great fun as well! We at Animal Voices attended this conference last year, and I can honestly say that it’s certainly worth a trip down from Vancouver to experience not only the conference itself, but also some of

the great atmosphere that the city of Portland has to offer.

Claudia Li, Shark Truth campaign

For our feature interview, we have Claudia Li of the local non-profit organization Shark Truth on the show, to speak with us about the cruel and unnecessary shark finning industry and Shark Truth’s campaign to educate the community about it. Shark Truth is also currently running a fun contest for newlywed couples that we’ll hear about as well – but, as a sneak preview, I will tell you that it involves winning a trip to Mexico!

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