Chef Merida, Vegan Secret Supper & Nathan Winograd, No-Kill Revolution

In this episode, Alison gives a review of Organic Lives, Vancouver’s newest raw vegan restaurant and Joanne interviews Chef Merida of Vegan Secret Supper and Nathan Winograd, pioneer of the no-kill revolution.

Chef Merida, Sunday Vegan Secret Supper

It’s secret, it’s decadent and totally vegan!  Chef Merida created the Sunday Vegan Secret Supper which is taking Vancouver by storm.  This little secret has been discovered and covered by the Vancouver Sun, CBC Radio, Veg News Magazine and countless foodie blogs.

Double chocolate waffles with mocha cream

Nathan Winograd, No-Kill Revolution

Nathan Winograd is the author of “Redemption: The myth of pet overpopulation and the No-Kill Revolution” and ” Irreconcilable Differences: the Battle for the Heart and Soul of America’s Animal Shelters”. Winograd pioneered the no-kill revolution by turning the San Francisco SPCA as well as the Tompkins County SPCA into no-kill shelters. His work has spurred no-kill communities across the globe.  He is working to build the world’s first no-kill nation.

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