Twyla Francios, CHDC & Josh Harper, SHAC7

In this episode, Alison talks about IDA’s Guardian Campaign and Joanne interviews Twyla Francois of the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition and Josh Harper of SHAC 7

Twyla Francois Central Region Director, Canadian Horse Defense Coalition

In February of 2010, Canadian Horse Defense Coalitiion (CHDC) randomly selected and filmed inside two of Canada’s five remaining horse slaughterhouses, Bouvry Exports in Fort Macleod, Alberta, and Viande Richelieu in Massueville, Quebec.  The footage revealed the stunning of horses by incompetent slaughterhouse workers and inadequate kill box designs that lead to prolonged and painful deaths.  CHDC was successful in shutting down Natural Valley Farms slaughterhouse in Saskatchewan, after a similar undercover footage was released in 2008.  CHDC is hoping shut down Bouvrey and Richelieu as the violations captured on tape this time are far worse.

Josh Harper, formerly SHAC 7

Josh is an animal rights activist who has participated in animal liberation, wilderness, and human freedom projects for more than ten years. In 2004 he and his co-defendants better known as SHAC 7 were indicted on terrorism charges.  The “crime” Josh committed was that he made public speeches advocating for non-violent direct action against a notoriously cruel science lab, Huntington Life Sciences (HLS).  After spending 3 years in federal prison, Josh is out on probation and shared his thoughts on the First Amendment rights in the US, Animal Enterprise Terrorism Law and told us about his difficult experience in prison.  Josh is now working at Wayward Café in Seattle and has co-hosts a podcast, Vegan Threat.

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