Ending cruel practices on animals in Canada: Be Cruelty-Free Campaign, and Horse-Drawn Carriages in Victoria, BC

November 21, 2014

An interview with Jordan Riechert of Island Animal Liberation and The Critical Cat on banning the horse-drawn carriages in Victoria, BC, plus a feature interview with HSI Canada's Aviva Vetter on the Be Cruelty-Free campaign and ending animal testing for cosmetics in Canada. Also, how you can be in a vegan music video, and a…

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The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat?

November 14, 2014
The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat?

We talk about last week's Animal Liberation Talent Show, plus do an in depth feature interview with Hope Bohanec, author of "The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat?", on the myth of humane meat.

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This week we say hello to Canadian Vegan musician Alissa White-Gluz of the band Arch Enemy, and goodbye to one of our producers/hosts: Jenni Rempel. Alissa gives us the inside story on her thoughts about veganism, animal activism, her career in music, and her transition to the role of lead singer for Arch Enemy. Check…

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The Vegan Zombie crew talk zom-noms and the Vancouver Humane Society shares tips for keeping companion animals safe for Halloween

October 31, 2014
The Vegan Zombie crew talk zom-noms and the Vancouver Humane Society  shares tips for keeping companion animals safe for Halloween

This show will air live on Friday, October 31th, 2014 on 100.5 FM CFRO on unceded Coast Salish Territories in Vancouver, B.C. and will also stream live via www.CoOpRadio.org. The podcast of the show will be posted here shortly after airing, so please check back soon! In this episode, we talk to Chris Cooney and…

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Abuses against pigs during transport revealed in undercover investigation

October 17, 2014
Pigs are crammed into a transport truck en route to slaughter, as uncovered by a Mercy For Animals Canada investigation this year.

A feature interview with Krista Osborne of Mercy for Animals Canada on the recent undercover investigation on routine practices of farmed animal transport in Canada.

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Critiques of Vegan Consumerism and The Happy Herd

October 9, 2014

We speak with Stephen Wiltshire of The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary, and Guray Tezcan about the critiques of vegan consumerism.

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International Animal Rights Conference 2014 — Highlights

October 3, 2014

Tim and Alissa attended this 4 day conference which took place in Luxembourg in September. Attendees and presenters came from over 30 countries around the world. We talk to some of the attendees and hear amazing clips from some of the best presentations at the conference.

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